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Polyvore Fashion Outfits And Reviews


  I felt that the galaxy print is nice though too much of it would over power the rest of the pieces and would make the whole piece appear tacky and distastefull. A suttle hint of the print would compliment the outfit. I chose to use a pair of galaxy printed shorts as the bottoms of the outfit.
  To keep the outfit suttle and classy, I decided that the other elements needed to be fairly plain though elegant. That is why I choose a white loose fitted blouse. With this blouse, the model would look classy and relaxed as well as comfortable.
In this point in time, platform shoes have become more apparent in the fashion idustry and they are both elegant and bold which I’d assume is very desirable for a buisness woman or an young lady. That is why I choose a pair of high black platform shoes to give the model a boost.
  To top of the outfit, I added a channel side bag that that is small and pressumably light weight though at the same time practical for carrying necessities such as keys, phones ect. Also, the brand is often associated with the successful and high status people so by adding it to the model’s atire, I’m giving off the impression that the model is very well off and successful in her field and/or life.

  There is a current trend were the young generation wear studs and spiked clothing such as shirts and shorts and also branded outfits such as logo tops. In this composition, I have created a mix of those fashion styles so they compliment both trends. The spiked shorts reffer to the punk trend going on as it has metal spikes attatched to the side of the shorts. On social media sites – particularly photo sharing sites such as Instagram and Tumblr – graphic shirts and logos have become very popular and stylish to wear. Using this style type, I found a blue Superman logo crop T-shirt to contrast the spiked punk shorts. They go well together as they are two different styles and a lot of the time opposites go well together. I brought together the clothing aspect of the outfit with a simple denim jacket that really ties the outfit together as it is a unisex piece of clothing.

  Jewellery has changed a lot in the past few months and new symbols and jewellery types have emerged. One piece of jewellery I have matched with the outfit was a double ring with a now very iconic simple cross on it and another piece was a silver cuff earing. These border on the line of gothing and punk though I think they are universal for all styles as they are simple and comfortable to wear.

 The beanie came about around the 20th Centuary used typically by working men in cold climates. Over the years, the beanies have been adapted to being a lot more trendy and everyday. I added the beanie to my outfit as you can be lazy with a beanie – you can just let your hair down, put a beanie on and look very presentable. Beanies give a very calm and laid back appearance which will make the wearer of the outfit appear to have just thrown on the good outfit without picking out each piece carefully. It makes the outfit appear more causal. and the weared appear to have such good taste without really trying.


  By Domonique Lemonius, 15.


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