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Review On Shopanthropic Bombshell Collection


Most of their creations are designed and made by a group of artisan women, who are from deprived communities. Shopanthropic really helps in providing them with a voice and ability to share their stories through their creations.

Not only are they helping out small disadvantaged communities, their pieces are of true style. Making sure they research on upcoming trends their pieces are all unique with a small story weaved into each final piece.

When buying and wearing this collection you really get that ‘fuzzy’ feeling of knowing that your money is really supporting and going towards a good cause.

Onto the lookbook:




Hand-knitted black cord & recycled bomb shell bracelet made by a blind female artisan – Its very simple and at the same time quite unique, the shell detail stands out, and the neutral colours lets you match it with any outfit.

We think this is set to be a very popular product, as rope bracelets are a timeless piece that we very often see being layered together with other similar bracelets. We really get that ‘festival’ vibe from the materials used.

This bracelet is adjustable and perfect for both male and female.






Hand-crafted recycled paper bead necklaces made by a women artisan- like everything in the collection its quite unique, not only from theexuberant colours but from the recycled paper beads.


At first its almost unnoticeable that its recycled as the unique paper beads really give off an oriental chic vibe.

Made from recycled paper these beads really catch the eye and are perfect for dressing up any plain LBD. On closer inspection its lovely seeing the fine detail and skill that have gone into the creation of this piece. You can assure that no two of these necklaces will be the same.

This necklace is of good quality, at first it appeared although it would be flexible and strong and goes back to its original shape perfectly; I also though about the possibility of the paper ripping, but after wearing numerous times, including nights out (and getting many comments) no sign of damage to the beads!

Available in a wide range of colours, theres one to match everyones style.



Recycled bullet pendant made by home-based artisans in Cambodia – My personal favourite of the collection, its not over exaggerated but its noticeable.

A 5 cm long bullet, its one of those things even if you’re not looking for it you’ll end up buying it because its just a killer piece (literally).

You could wear it with any plain top and just build a look by just adding the pendant to either a simple chain or rope string. The reaction towards this piece is that it is very unusual yet such a statement piece, and can really help in building up an outfit of any colour perfect for the military trend!






It really is amazing to see that one persons bomb-shell can be another persons fine bracelet.

This bracelet was a favourite of some of the staff here at Fashion Capital, and looked either perfect layered with other bracelets by some, or worn as a statement single piece by others.

Adjustable, this bracelet fits all wrist sizes. And the fine detailing of the clasp really makes you think how amazing it is to think that this piece was hand-crafted.

One of the key points on this bracelet was the ‘almost-rusted’ effect, clearly doing researching into the trends, Shopanthropic knows this is a big trend set for SS/13 – perfect with your crisp whites or bold blacks. This is definitely keeping firm place on our arms here at the studio.


To check out more of the collection, and to find out more about the work Shopanthropic does, please check out their website here: www.shopanthropic.com

Links to their social networks:

Twitter: twitter.com/enablechange
Blog: shopanthropic.wordpress.com

Facebook: facebook.com/Shopanthropic







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