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High Street Fashion


High street fashion provides affordable, on-trend fashion which is accessible to all. Stylists like Gok Wan, create television programmes just so that we can understand that we do not have to spend an absolute fortune just to look good! However, with a designer label you can never go wrong. We always see celebrities wearing the greatest outfits to the Oscars and to the Brits, but if you want a great look with a small price tag I would say to go hit the high street. Many celebrities now also design for High street shops, like Kate Moss who has her own design collection at Topshop. By using these celebrities in shops, we the general public can have access to great outfits, which are stylish, glamorous best of all affordable!


Many women want to look good and stylish, but they seem to only find that what they want to wear can only be found with a gigantic price tag. At the Oscars, Helen Hunt did not appear in an Armani dress but appeared in an H&M dress, where she was on the Top Ten Oscar dresses 2013 list in the Elle magazine. This just goes to show that even celebs wear the High street looks to gigantic events. Debenhams, a department store, are packed with amazing designers who not only design for catwalks but also for high street shops. They interpret popular trends for the High Street shopper, allowing us to buy their clothes with no extra cost.


Catwalks are consistently bringing out new designs, which for us is hard to keep up with. Spending loads of money on an outfit which may go out of fashion pretty quick may not be the best idea, so to stay on the safe side High street shopping is probably the best way to go. Many shoppers would underestimate the capability of high street shops, thinking that their clothes are not up to date, but I assure you readers I am sure they are, as they have also made it to the Oscars! High street shopping allows you to pick and mix, choosing tens of outfits at a price which will not break the bank. Also at times like this, the recession has barred people from being able to spend money on clothes, but normal retailers are selling clothes which do not deny you from being a fashionable person. Keeping up with trends are important to many people, and retailers understand that so they have a special group of designers who work collectively creating large collections to make us feel all the more fashionable.


High street shops are almost like a sweet shop, they provide us with a wide variety of clothes, allowing expression, sophistication and also the mere availability of a range of clothes to wear which can appeal to all people. Clothes provided by high street retailers are cheap and cheerful but yet provide us with the opportunity to look good on a relatively small budget. By incorporating celebrities in to the designing aspect of retailing, it makes the clothes all the more appealing attracting us, so we do not have to spend a fortune. Fashion comes in at all different prices, but to look fabulous should not cost a lot, so hit the High Street!

By Shariqa Ahmed

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