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British Fashion Designers Leading The Fashion Capital: London


The diversity amongst the settlers in London brings with it a flourish of fashion statement from all over the world. The advantage with London is that we do not only explore our surroundings to seek inspiration but we can observe it without even having to look. Inspiration is a key thing when designing clothes and we have no shortage of it in London. We have shopping areas and markets such as Regent Street, Oxford Street and Portobello which all provide high end fashion. Despite these famous shopping areas only being in the inner city, fashion is almost like a “disease” in London where everyone has their own individual style and have their own fashion icon to whom they look up to. This provides London with the ever blooming astounding fashion sense, which continues to grow as fashion develops.


Many people will describe British fashion as being classical, traditional and smart but there is the sense of also being edgy, modern and casual. As fashion continues to produce looks that are becoming more casual and day to day wear, London and also Britain as a whole have adapted this style, where different looks are worn to suite different events. London has seen many designs come and go such as the Swinging sixties, to the 70s Punk style to the Cool Britannia image. This has also provided inspiration to many looks that are still being worn to this day. Designers are continuously looking for new concepts, so by going back in to time and recreating the fashion allows designers to create a totally new concept. London has never been shy to express its fashion. On the underground you can observe all the possible styling of clothes, from it being office wear to casual looks or even the odd but interesting outfits. Nevertheless, London has never disappointed the world, showcasing fashion at its best. London fashion week is hugely popular, being a major event and attracting people from all over the world. It does not stop there, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery educate the public about the history of art and fashion which has firmly put London on the global fashion map.


Inspiration does not only come from the ideas of other people, but also through the cultures and backgrounds of people. Asian fabrics are widely used in fashion and so are African prints which provide a lively vibe and interesting aesthetic. Looking around London, you will see that no person dresses the same, each wearing an individual item or style that sets them out from the rest. Interesting fashion cannot be created without having the right insight, and London provides insight. Designers may get their concepts from parks or even from landfill sites, but despite where their inspiration came from their designs enter the catwalks.


London has provided a massive influence over the global fashion industry, by having famous clothing brands to world-renowned art colleges where many designers, who are currently shaping the industry, have studied.

By Shariqa Ahmed


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