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LookingGd Blogger Event


Your personal online look-book, LookingGd focuses on personal and street style and the way and places in which we get our inspiration. LookingGd differs from other sites in the sense that it links you to the pieces you want, when you see them online.

For example, ever see that girl online wearing the perfect outfit, wearing the most amazing shoes.. You must have them! Only there’s no information, where did she get them?! LookingGd plans on getting this info, to you.

In celebration of the launch of the website, LookingGd held their launch party this weekend.

Upon entry, a large banner was hung outside the LG HQ to mark the occasion and welcome all. Guests were treated to A star treatment, being greeted at the graffitied queen door to be style-snapped by a photographer.


Guests were lead upstairs to the studio space, here bloggers and industry professionals mingled, exchanged information, spoke about the website.. you know the usual.

In the corner a computer was set up loaded with the LookingGd site where guests could sign up, get used to the site and upload their latest looks.

Bloggers attending were treated to a pick-a-mix station, complete with lollipops and gummy-bears and a bucketload of alcohol (literally). Pretty soon the drinks were flowing, as was the conversation and everything was set. Queue a lot of photos…




Everyone was then introduced to the rooftop terrace, making the way up a number of stairs to the ladder or as it appears from the photo the stairway to heaven. Here we were treated to the amazing views of Soho and equally as amazing weather, as surprising the sun was everyones side, sticking around throughout the whole event. Throw in some lovely people and great conversation to make the afternoon even more enjoyable.


Guests were then brought back down stairs to cut the almost too pretty to eat LG cake, (I say almost but not really, as it turned out to be really good cake). Guests were then left to celebrate the launch, listen to some great music, enjoy the snacks and refreshments and meet some more bloggers that started turning up.


Chloe and Adam Cutting the LG Cake! 

To finish off the day, all those attending were treated to a LG tote bag filled with goodies, including pieces from Devine Delinquents, Popcouture, Delilah Dust, Iamvibes and The Ragged Priest. Talk about spoilt rotten!


A big thank you to LookingGd for an amazing day, and all the attendees that were so lovely and chatty.

Make sure you check out LookingGd, and start uploading your looks today!







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