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Trainer Trend


Whether it’s high top, low rise or wedge, there is a trainer to suit everyone. Finally a fashionable shoes that’s comfortable.  Seen walking -not tottering- down catwalks, trainers are taking the fashion world by storm. Ranging in material, style and design, designers are having fun playing around with combinations to create the next big thing. Key trainer styles are bright colours, prints and high top wedges.

Neon, clashing, contrasting; bright colours are exactly what we need in Britain, with the common place grey skies; a splash of colour is welcome. Whilst many of us do not feel confident enough to pull off a bright outfit, bright shoes act as an exclamation mark. They’re loud and in your face but contrast what we wear as a society and enable individuals to express themselves without being over the top. Lifting our moods and standing out from the crowd, brightly coloured trainers of all styles will be a popular choice among many.




 Prints are already a key identified trend but the prints aren’t just limited to clothes- our shoes are splashed with designs too. The numerous combinations of colour and design enable designers to play around with shoes and at the moment it’s more about wearable art – keeping the design structure simple but making up for it in artistic design. No-longer is a design simply about the combination of colours – it’s all about the art now.



Photo From Isabel Marant

High top wedge trainers are becoming increasingly common place. Since its debut in the French designer, Isabel Marant’s, collection, the wedge trainer has become a key trend that everyone is following. The effortless blend of two wardrobe staples – high top trainers and the wedge heel – create a new and invigorating combination that’s fresh and exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Both the wedge heel and the high top trainer are key fashion hits and so the combination of the two makes an almost automatic winner.



Photo From Stella McCartney

This new trend was almost guaranteed, due to the progression of fashion over last year, with athleticism being a major trend. Sporty fabrics, tracksuits and racing stripes already having made a hit, this new generation of sports clothing is being taken to a whole new fashion level with designers such as Stella McCartney bringing out a whole new line last year – not surprising that most designers had gold medal fever during the Olympic year.

There are only so many ways you can redesign a handbag but with shoes it’s a whole other story. The ability to change heel heights, shape and material allows designers to have ultimate freedom with their designs and take inspiration from almost anywhere. Fabric combinations and style alterations allow the trainer to be the ultimate fashion statement. Their versatility means they can be styled with almost anything and can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with jeans.

No matter what your style personality, I think we can expect a lot more to come.

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