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Sixties Stemmed Monochrome Spring/Summer Trend


As if in repercussion to this, the timeless white colour trend has returned this summer. The difference now is wearing head to toe white, as predicted in the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer collection. Vogue called it “Summers Biggest Colour Trend”. White brightens any skin tone and contrary to popular belief, with the right texture and style, will flatter any body shape. The frequently recurring idea of ‘ditching the little black dress for the little white dress’ is again in full swing for this season. This has stemmed from the 60s block colour style.

Not only is white big in clothes right now but will possibly be one of the next big nail trends, as worn by Alexa Chung at Glastonbury 2013. Matte white nails were a common sight on runways for 2013 from Moschino to Rag & Bone.  

The graphic colour combination of black and white also originated in the 60s, when twiggy was the talk of town, and mods, mini skirts and monochrome stormed the fashion world. Shift mini-dresses, adorned with geometric prints were also favoured. Seeing as laser cutting is a technique currently growing in popularity as is the 60s geometric shape, to give a very modish look. The edgy monochrome style has returned, yet again dominating the runways and highstreets. Designer’s spring/summer collections have been inspired by the 60s black/white has been observed in the summer and autumn Chanel collection, this graphic colour combination was also prominent in the mainly checkerboard chic Louis Vuitton collection and the stripey Marc Jacobs.



Photo From Alexander Wang SS13



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