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How To Keep on Top of Accessory Trends


As we’ve been told time and time again, it’s all the staple pieces, use accessories to update you look each season. We’ve been spotting more and more dramatic accessories and jewellery pieces draped over the models each season. Each season the bangles get bigger, the necklaces get shorter and more intricate, finding high-street copies is getting tougher.


    balenciagass14 maisonrabihkayrouzss14

(Balenciaga SS14 & Maison Rabih Kays SS14) 

And with every over-the-top accessory there’s the fine craftsmanship behind the design, comes a hefty price tag.

Buying new accessories each season is quickly becoming as expensive as buying a ready-to-wear piece straight from the catwalk.

However there are ways that you can stay on top of the trends while keeping it purse friendly (sort of!) Receiving money for your old silver gold and platinum couldn’t be easier. With Albemarle Bond you can bring in your old jewellery or watches and walk out with the cash the very same day. It’s great for being able to get some money to update your wardrobe and if wanted you can always buy back last season’s pieces.

While you may not be able to get a Margiela facemask at your local pawnbroker, it’s ideal for recycling your old pieces and ensuring you can update your wardrobe each season.


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