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Sunglasses – That Cut the Glare


Whether it’s skiing, fishing, or just relaxing by the water, the sun can be a serious problem. Water reflects sunlight better than almost any other surface. That means you’re going to have the sun above you and the sun bouncing off the water into your eyes. That can make it pretty difficult to see. What options do you have?

Polarised lenses cut the glare significantly; in fact, the best polarised lenses even allow you to see past the surface of the water. Of course, that’s only true if the water is clear; great sunglasses can cut glare, but they can’t cut mud.

If you are fishing, the ability to see below the surface of the water is incredibly valuable; you no longer have to guess where the fish might be. You can cast a line right where they are.

When it comes to skiing or swimming, you need to be able to watch the water so you can see how the wakes are forming. If you are wakeboarding, for example, it’s absolutely crucial that you can see the way the water is undulating. If you catch a wake in the wrong way, you can end up flat on your face pretty quickly. Keeping an eye on the water is not a problem with a pair of innovative, state of the art Oakley sunglasses

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Water is not the only surface that poses problems for sports enthusiasts.

Snow, by nature of being bright white, bounces sunlight even better than water. In fact, many people have found themselves sunburned after a day of skiing or snowboarding. It must be seriously aggravating to get sunburned when the temperature is below zero. In addition to sunburn danger, which can be abated with sunblock, you have to worry about visibility. You need to be able to see the snow so you can avoid dangers, carve the lines you want, and stay upright.

That’s best accomplished with a pair of polarised sunglasses. However, it won’t matter how good your sunglasses are if they’re not on your face. That’s why you should look into a pair of shades that are designed to stay on your face when you’re playing sports. This is usually possible when you buy higher-end sunglasses that are designed to contour to the face. The contour tends to be a feature of higher-priced sunglasses since it costs more to make curved lines than straight ones.

Whichever type of sunglasses you choose, it’s important you pick a pair that is designed to support you while you perform whatever task you need them for. Polarised lenses cut glare and keep you in the game for longer.

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