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What’s Trending This Week?


Ever wandered where Karl Lagerfeld hangs out? Well thanks to Mr Karl’s insta-feed being annoyingly void of food selfies from his favourite cafes and all-about-the-backdrop selfies, you will have to resort to buying an actual book, as supposed to a couple of clicks, to discover his so-hot hot spots. The book entitled ‘Where’s Karl?’ is a clever parody of the Where’s Wally? books featuring illustrations of Karl Lagerfeld in a few of the designer’s favourite locations such as the Met Gala in New York City, Coqui Coqui beach in Tulum, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and the Chanel show at the Grand Palais. Let your inner child run free…

On Thursday, a picture of a Christian Louboutin shoe that was wedged in the escalator (and the source of its failure) at the US Condé Nast offices was posted on social media with the hashtags: #loubigate and #onlyatcondenast – if you ask me that’s no way to treat a Louboutin! And, on Tuesday, Mr Louboutin himself was the centre of an hour long Channel 4 documentary entitled: Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes, which revealed an exclusive insight into a year of Louboutin’s life, featuring family secrets, how he plans to conquer the Asian market and why his ‘red sex’ shoes remind some people of ‘vaginas’. It’s a must see (so catch up on 4od!).

Fancy a holiday but can’t afford one? Then immerse yourself into the wondrous and drama filled lives of the indulged SW3 clan of Made in Chelsea, who have uprooted themselves from London to LA for the summer, and have (thankfully) documented their every pool party, designer outfit and bitchy comment for us to envy whilst on our sofas. Made in Chelsea LA airs every Monday @ 9pm on E4.

whats trending 16th aug 15

A felt crown created by top milliner Stephen Jones and worn by Kate Moss on her first photo shoot when she was 14 years old is being auctioned at Christie’s next month. Want a highly desired crown that has been touched the head of a (young) fashion icon? Then keep your eye out for this (surprisingly – well felt is more likely to be associated with Primary schoolers than Privé) stylish headpiece.

On Monday Victoria’s Secret Angel Kate Grigorieva shared a beautiful photograph from her wedding weekend, entrancing all of her guests in a never-ending lace veil.

Cara Delevingne posted the following message last week in a stand to raise money and awareness in aid of Cecil the Lion’s death, utilising her (currently) 17.9 million Instagram followers: ‘The killing of Cecil the Lion was a tragedy.

Today JOIN ME to help the scientists who care about the future of wild lions in Africa and work very hard on their conservation. Ahead of the official sale of my TAG Heuer Signature Edition watch, I decided to auction my personal timepiece at the link above or go on eBay. I wore this watch on several occasions and during the last Monaco Grand Prix. The full amount will be refunded to WildCRU.org, the research unit that followed Cecil for many years. SO LETS JOIN FORCES!’

The watch sold for £9,300 after 89 frantic bids to gain the models treasured watch. A slightly cheaper way to support the cause would be to purchase Ty Inc.’s newest Beanie Baby, named Cecil the lion, after the Zimbabwe lion whose death resulted in international outrage and condemnation after he was killed by a Minnesota hunter last month. The profits from the soft toy will go to support the Wildlife Conservation Unit. #seelovegive

By India Hunnikin 

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