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In her youth, Drew pulled off the perfect teen angst look. With big bleached permed hair, oversized jackets and tight leather mini-skirts; this look is sure to get you noticed. Drew’s rebellious personality plays out in this look; a sort of bad girl vibe mixed with carefree grunge and exaggerated shapes. After releasing her first autobiography ‘Little Girl Lost’ which featured stories of her disgruntled youth, Drew’s style was bad-ass. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this killer look.


Oversize Me

Dream big. Wearing an oversized jacket can compliment other features of your outfit. Using a large structured jacket, like a leather or denim jacket, can change your silhouette, accentuating other features like your legs. Pair a large double breasted tailored jacket or oversized leather jacket with a tight mini skirt and loose flowing blouse to create the perfect mix of sexy secretary and early 90’s grunge. Denim and leather are great materials to play with, as they will bring a cool, understated punk vibe to your look. 

Brick Red

Lips are extremely key to this look. Adding lip colour to your look will bring out your facial features and add edge to your outfit. A good tone for this look is a brick red; a red without a lot of brown in. Darker eyebrows will compliment this shade of red and will help to bring out your natural features. Drew wore a lot of this colour during the 90’s, a great shade to really compliment your eye and hair colour. 

drewcollage2Blondes Have More Fun

Big bleach blonde hair works well with this look. Curl it, mousse it or perm it and effortlessly through hair to one side. This carefree style is playful and fun, creating an ultra cool look, full of attitude. Got dark roots? Even better! Grow out your hair for a while or keep a small section of root untouched when you next bleach to make this look really convincing; we know that it took you ages to get your hair perfect this morning but no one else has to! 

Cream Of The Crop

Combining a crop with an oversized jacket and tight mini or mom jeans will again play with your proportions, showing off your midriff to bring a young and playful vibe to your look. Look for something with movement or flow to play with different sized proportions throughout your outfit. This will bring attention your other features and help to sell this effortless, don’t give a damn look. 

By Chandler Tregaskes

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