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What Colours Should Be In Your Wardrobe This Season




Solid colours are out, so the range of colours for this season is definitely best placed in busy, statement-making patterns. Yellow is an excellent choice, look for garments with bright splashes of yellow. Often quite harsh on its own, yellow will really offset complimentary colours like turquoise. Yellow can be given a softer effect when paired with paler colours, or made bolder for the evening when matched with black, giving an outfit some edge and attitude.


It’s true that white is not a colour, it’s a shade, so let’s instead call it the hottest shade of the season. Fitting perfectly into the seasons prominent trends, such as the return of the seventies and minimalist looks that are very popular right now. White also makes the perfect choice to feature other hues being used commonly this season.



Deep corals are also a great colour to go for this season, beautifully accenting other bold shades being used.

Rich shades of coral are perfect when you’re looking for an attention grabbing colour on its own, or used to add intensity and excitement to wildly patterned garments that are popular this season. Coral is worn beautifully with a tanned complexion, making it all the more desirable as a summer shade.


When coral isn’t enough of a statement maker, you may wish to opt for a more intense shade, and select deep and fiery shades of red. Red is the perfect choice when looking to get noticed, and is well suited for those with both blonde and brunette hair. Consider pairing red with other vibrant shades of yellow and blue in an elaborately patterned flowing sundress, or with white to avoid a harsh or aggressive undertone to your look.


Blue, Blue and More Blue

This season, you can’t go wrong with any shade of blue.

Denim is especially hot for Spring/Summer ‘15, so expect to see a lot of it, from the palest shades of pastel blue, to the more vibrant tones of ultramarine. They all have their place in this season and fit in beautifully with the stunning shades of the bright summer sky and striking seaside hues.

With numerous shades of blue being fashionable this summer, finding the perfect colour to complement skin tone, hair colour and eyes should be no challenge at all.

Whatever colours you choose for this season’s fashions, remember that the more vivid the shade, and intricate the pattern, the better.This season is all about making a bold statement with your clothing and enjoying the comfort of free flowing and relaxed lines. 


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