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How to Wear Boots on a Bright, Sunny Day


1. Wear light-coloured clothing,
Because of their design, a lot of boots have that “heavy” look that is hard to blend with the summer vibe. So in order to balance it out, go for tops and bottoms with a lighter colour. Use pastels, creams and beiges to counter balance the strong and sturdy look of your boots, giving you a cool edge, perfect for summer.

2. Try a more Western vibe 
Cowgirls usually wear boots all year round, and they still manage to look pretty. Even if the weather is too hot, this type of footwear is made from breathable materials to make your feet feel comfortable throughout the day.

A pair of Western-inspired boots is totally perfect for summer. Its sleek leather exterior can be perfectly matched with jeans or shorts.  Think Miley Cyrus circa Party in the USA. Even though they’re a little bit thick, don’t worry, they are comfortable to wear and for added protection, you can also wear winter socks or tights.


3. Go low
Knee-high or over-the-knee boots are popular during the cold, winter months. However, they might look a little bit stuffy for both spring and summer. You can always go with ankle boots and mid-calf, these can be paired easily with a skirt or blouse.

4. Consider the colour of your footwear 
Summer is the season for bright and vivid colours. It’s okay to pair these with darker coloured boots however, you can never go wrong with light brown or tanned footwear because they are easier to pair with summer dresses. In addition, lighter-coloured boots don’t’ grab a lot attention and will look less out of place.

5. Experiment 
There are a lot of interesting and avant-garde boots out there and wearing them can give you a unique edge that will look great during the Summer months. However, make sure that you tone down your other apparel to provide balance to your overall appearance. 

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