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The finale day at Langley Park school for Boys



Without doubt we have untapped some true designer talent from some outstanding individuals, particularly, two winners Ben Hutchings and Dave Rapper. Certificates of completion were issued to 21 students, and the feedback was brilliant as you can see below:


Really enjoyed the course, really well constructed.

Edmund Thorn


The fashion course was an excellent experience that I will do it again in a wink of an eye.

Valerie Osibona


I found the London Fashion Forum experience was very enjoyable and I was provided with a worthwhile insight to the world of design.

Amy Grindley


I found the fashion design course worthwhile as I learnt a lot about the design process.  I would recommend the course to anyone interested in design as it gives you a great insight into the fashion design business.

Helen Scutt


Best course I’ve ever been on would definitely do it again.

Ben Hutchings


A very fulfilling experience, broadening my options for the future.

Jodie Campbell


The fashion design course gave me a short insight into the world of fashion.

Leah Palfreyman


This course has helped me decide what I want to do in the future.

Dulcie Adams


After the presentation we unveiled the three couture garments that were beautifully made by Julie-Ana designs.  There were audible gasps!


The garments comprised of:

A beautifully contructed tailored sleevless dress.  The fabric was in a desirous black satin.  Inspiration clearly taken from the Japanese Kimono hence the wide obi.  The inside was beautifully lined in red satin and was aimed at the older market (age 25-30).




                      *****Garment designed by Edmund Thorn*****



                                          ****Group picture****


The second outfit was inspired by the The New Look of the 1950’s. A beautiful dress created here by Dave Rapper encapsulated the 1950’s chic of nipped in waists on the perfect little balck dress full of evening glamour.  The dress was supported by a lightweight netting which gave volume to the  dress. Again the dress was made in beautiful balck satin to accompany the dress was a three quater length jacket with matching tie belt  for the dress.  The top half of the dress was lightly boned and tied up at the back like a corset.



                        *****Garment designed by Dave Rapper*****




                                       ****Group picture****


As you can see by the picture above they are true designer pieces. 


This project would not have been possible without the strong support of Mr. Northcote Head Teacher, Miss. Mills Art lecturer, Melanie Everette pattern-cutter, Anila Dhank from Melenka & Me and of course Julie-Ana Design who turned round the garment in just three days. Grateful thanks here to Sylvie who never lets us down.


We are now in discussions with other learning concepts with LPSB and a primary school too.


Finally, a big congratulations and sincere thanks to the students themselves for making this initiative a real favourite of the LFF team.


Jenny Holloway

Industry Advisor 

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