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Designer Diary: Georgie W. Couture


Fresh off the heels of the fashion weeks, Spring/Summer 08 was awash with lots of print and even more colour. With Kimora's "Pastel hood party", to Arora's "Monsoon Euphoria" to Versace’s "High fashion toga party", summer 2008 is going to be a very, very, VERY interesting season. I can’t wait to see what trend takes the trophy.


Anyhow, it has been a very busy past couple of weeks for me. With all the exhibitions, catwalks, pre-and after parties, I am so ready to stay indoors for the rest of October – but there is no rest for the wicked (or the creative in my case).

I had the chance to take part in ‘Spitalfields Live Fashion Weekend’. For those of you who don't know, Spitalfields Market (a stones throw away from Brick Lane), is aimed at selling unique fashion, accessories and art to the public. ‘Spitalfields Live’ consisted of catwalk shows and a fashion market. The designers who took part were from the ‘Alternative Fashion Week’ that took place earlier in March. The catwalk shows were very enlightening as per usual. It was so refreshing to see clothing created by individuals that choose to stay away from the norm in fashion.

I was also in the front row at Gavin Pierre Medford's catwalk show to view his  S/S 08 "Love Thyself" collection at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Gavin collaborated with none other than celebrity milliner Louis Mariette to create an outstanding LFW show.


The Kyzar Chic Fashion Event at The Collection featured designer Kalikas Armour, who wowed the audience with his S/S 08 collection as well. His use of sculpted and stenciled leather with masculine tailoring was something to be admired.

As I sat going through my sketches and ideas for A/W 08/09 (No, the collection is not finished yet, I procrastinate, bite me!), I seem somewhat lost. I could go in so many different directions with my next collection, so I decided to go down to Text Bridge, the Turkish Fashion Fabric Exhibition and see what I could find. What a mood there was in there, I mean I wasn't expecting clowns and ice-cream but seriously, one needed some extreme patience to go through the different racks of very similar fabrics, all offering me the exact same deals for the exact same fabrics (anyone ever heard of competition). I tried to put my negotiating skills to work, but no one was buying it, I must have slept through "how to negotiate a deal" in business 101, who can blame me.


On the other hand my A/W 07/08 collection is out now. Make me some money people.


Till next time,




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