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Yolande Letshou – My November Blog:


from Nolcha was in London for a couple of weeks so we were in meeting after
meeting and really preparing for Nolcha Fashion Week ( www.nolchfashionweek.com) London
which I will be directing in Feb 08.

Fashion Week is a great project and I’m very excited and passionate about what
Nolcha are doing as a whole to offer designers opportunities on an
international scale to get their products out there!!


Fashion Shows:

attended the Kyzar Chic fashion show for designer Kalikas Armour showcased at
the exclusive collection in
South Kensington.  His collection was very sharp and formal. I
really liked the cuts and fit of his clothing. I was extremely tired, can you
believe?? People usually don’t picture the two words “Yolande and Tired”
together. I’m only human what can I say.



“Celebrating the fusion
of fashion and music”

Geneve North ( www.lagenevenorth.co.uk
) have launched a new monthly event entitled “Celebrating the fusion of fashion and music” in association with
Fat Talent (www.fattalent.com) . The
first event kicked off on 28th October and was a great success!!
Very entertaining guys so why not pop down to the next one which is on November
25th at
Inn on the Green, Portobello.

monthly show aims to ‘Celebrate the fusion of fashion and music’ by combining
the two into one spectacular informal evening.

up and coming designers were given the opportunity to showcase their designs to
a crowd of music and fashion enthusiasts at the renowned creative Arts venue '
Inn on the
Green'. Just a stone throw away from Portobello.

night consisted of live entertainment and a fashion show destined to support
UK’s best emerging
talents in both music and fashion. With a diverse crowd of passionate music and
fashion enthusiast in attendance the night was a complete success!!

you are a designer and would like to showcase your designs at one of our monthly
events then email: info@lagenevenorth.co.uk


event info:


Show start time: 19.30

Venue Address: Inn on the Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove

Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=524324&y=181417&z=0&sv=W10+5XL&st=2&pc=W10+5XL&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


more pics from the night visit: www.yolandeletshou.blogspot.com


My Fashion Art Collection
featured in
Ghana Fest 2007:

Genevieve (My fashion art collection- www.lovegenevieve.co.uk
) will be featured exclusively at ‘Ghana Fest’ in December. Ghana Fest fashion
evening is
London’s first
fashion show dedicated to African female designers. A unique couture show with
an African twist, the evening will display an array of high fashion garments
from the contemporary fashion scene, combined with innovative African inspired


am in the process of designing a bespoke range for the night and am really
looking forward to it and how people attending will react to it.

more information on Ghana Fest visit:  www.fresheventz.com



styled the new La Geneve North shoot based on the theme “Italian Couture”. The
models for the shoot were the gorgeous Maela le nen Davey who had gorgeous big
red hair and very distinct features and the beautiful Muna
. Our Make-up Artist for the day was the lovely Nadine Leighton –( www.nadineleighton.co.uk )who I
have previously worked with. The hair stylist was our own lovely Latifah Jolie
and our fantastic photographer was Caitlin McColl (
awards and recognitions have included, an exhibition in Paris for the Musée de l'Elysée An exhibition at
The Refectory in London Runner-Up in the NYAS photography competition Winner in
the Guardian Unlimited Travel Competition Winner of a Shoot Experience Competition


are some pics of the final images from the shoot…



So what’s next for me?


out for my Art @ Ghana Fest for those of you who attend.


Check out my articles in the print publication of Nolcha Metier this month – www.nolchametier.com


Don’t miss the “Fusion of music and fashion” event in Portobello on 25th
November 2007. There will be an ethical special concept !!!!!!

Goobye until next time


Yolande Letshou


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