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Inventive 08 Spring Fashion


 This summer is bursting with bright colours and original trends. To start off this summer, stores are being raided for the new long, floral look. This is the year when women can become creative with colours, shapes and sizes.


With a variety of designers, this year is said to be the most vibrant and surprising year yet. Fill your wardrobe with girly floral dresses, which drop right down the ground and finish of the look with the killer heels you've wanted for ages!

floral dress

With a selection of sandals, which still never cease to amaze you, you will be looking creative and trendy. Simple, yet imaginative is the way to go, and what better way to do this than with the most up to date fashion sandals, ‘gladiator sandals'.

Whether it was planned or not, the gladiator sandal is making a big appearance this spring and it is poised to be an "it" shoe this season. This eye-catching version from Giuseppe Zanotti is handsomely crafted from richly coloured metallic leather and decorated with polished silver strap buckles and metallic fasteners at the vamp. The complete leather lining lets feet breathe without restraint, and the lightweight and flexible leather sole supplies soft and supple walking comfort. Pair with a thin, slinky dress for a truly epic look.

Giuseppe Zanotti was the creator of jewellery for the feet and later expanded his trademark style by adding innovative components to shoes such as flowers, bows, silks, and supple leathers. Today a driving force in the luxury shoe industry, Giuseppe always dreams of his product being worn from day to night. It is all about the mentality of a woman and her lifestyle. She believes that every day is a special day when you are wearing a Giuseppe Zanotti shoe.

gladiator sandal

Add value to your wardrobe with a mixture of classic and trendy accessories. Including bags, belts and jewellery.


Long gone are the days when the sole job of a belt was to stop your trousers from falling down. Today's belts are style statements and SATC's legendary stylist Patricia Field has assured us they are the film's fashion focal point.

Invest in a wide elasticated number to bind in dresses high on the waist to create a feminine hourglass silhouette.


No longer do the bags you buy have to match what you wear. If anything, the bag should stand out from your clothing, so try bright coloured bags with a hint of spice.

Sunglasses may be seen as ever more firmly embedded as part of the accessories sector. Although more classical shapes and finishes are always available, more radical shifts are now introduced each year making pre-existing sunglasses more rapidly outdated.

The tables have turned as the old saying used to be ‘less is more' and some people may still follow the saying but as years have passed, this summers fashion proves, more, really is more. Try and remember the days when bangles and bracelets were mostly sold individually. Now, however, when you buy jewellery, they are usually in bulks. This is to persuade you to wear them all at once and show off the amount you have on. From glitzy to tomboy, plain to creative, a huge range of jewellery is being sold in large quantities so prepare to fill your wrists with beautiful, sleek bangles.

yellow bag

sunglasses  colourful bangles

gold jewellery    heart bangles

Finish your summer look with eye-catching make-up, something bright yet subtle. Your eyes are your most expressive feature so use the colours to your advantage. This season, face the party circuit with a gorgeous glow that's both beautifully delicate and easy to achieve.

lips    eye

Other trends to achieve the elegant summer look are: Bare Market, Boy Meets Girl, Hippie Revival, Neon Bible, Nice Stems and Style Tribes. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your new look before it's too late!!

bare market  boy meets girl  hippie revival  neon bible  nice stems  style tribes

By Shinade Sutherland

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