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Bag lady


If you're going to the beach this summer, popping down to the pub with some friends, taking a stroll down the road or even going away to somewhere nice, bags this season are absolutely a must have!

Finding it hard to decide?

Bag of 2008-leather;

Leather bags are honestly the bags of this year, in all different colours especially those in warm earthy colours such as orange, yellow, red and brown.  They have been a big hit with celebrities and are so affordable in the high street. If you don't have one then I suggest you get one
now, because of the generous size, this bag will accompany you everywhere this summer.

yellow leather 72

The basket is back;

Woven from hand to being bought in a shop then being worn everywhere, this bag really captures nature. Tracing back to the early ages of fashion, woven bags were vital, very original and organic. This summer, get one to attend a picnic or a day out at the seaside, because these little treasures are the perfect accessories for a day out. They add a little originality to your outfit and come in many different colours and sizes which all are perfect to looking after your lunch.

pink basket&black clutch 72

The reversible;

The reversible bag, or often known as the clutch, is an ideal bag to take with you when clubbing or barbecuing this summer. This handy little number still has enough space for your personal belongings, but is simple and easy to have with you. Sometimes, even this bag will complete an outfit even better than a necklace would!

Bring it to the side;

Yes, this bag has been through every season this year, but it really is clever. Available in any size and any colour despite the season, this bag allows you to hold your personal belonging and yet complete an outfit also. This bag never seems to fail.

brown side 72

Other bags that will come in useful this summer;

Material bags this season are still in fashion, the bright colours, sparkles and different textures add a brilliant touch to any maxi-dress.

Metallic bags are all go-go-go at the moment, they look fantastic with white and will match some sparkly shoes or a sparkly belt.

bag mix 72

Written by Bethany Hart

Photographer Lucy Richards

Models Lucy Jones and Bethany Hart

Background bikers Nathan Hart and Andrew Hurst

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