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What teenagers think of the fashion high street?


But does fashion really have to be that easy? Is it really that easy in reality? The answer is yes, there is just so much choice of clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty products, that it seems harder than it really is.

Especially if you're the younger generation, of course it will be harder to find an outfit that will benefit you money wise as well as trend wise. So why not have a look at a what a couple of trendy teenagers nowadays think of their outfits and what they think is the best way to get around the shopping dilemmas.

Shinade Southerland;

what teenagers think of fashion 001
In this picture, Shinade is wearing a high-waisted, umbrella skirt (see article on umbrella skirts), that is joint to a white blouse with a black pussy bow, a slim black belt, black patent, lace-up high heels, and a fitted tartan cardigan which is one of autumn/winters 2008 trend themes.


Shinade says;

"I love this outfit, it is perfect for work, the cardigan really is my own personal touch but for just a day in the office, it definitely says ‘I'm smart casual'. The umbrella skirt is really popular in the fashion industry at the moment and simply adding a belt round the centre of the waist defines a perfect waistline. I think that shopping the high streets for designer labels is definitely hard work, because you can rarely find what you're exactly looking for in a cheaper option, I recommend you creating your own style from the newest fashion items designers have created this season, it doesn't matter what shop you prefer to go to, you can always find items that are similar to the designer ones you so desperately want but can't necessarily afford."

Jade Carlotta-Jones;
what teenagers think of fashion 002

In this picture, Jade is wearing high-waisted, black and white checked shorts, a simple black tee-shirt, and a black cardigan. These high-waisted shorts are really in fashion for this season, but it's going to be hard being able to pull off wearing high-waisted shorts in winter/autumn 2008.

Jade says;

"This outfit is definitely not my favourite out of my wardrobe, but I do love these shorts, if you just need to bung some clothes on to go for a walk or out to someone's house, make sure that this sort of outfit meets you in your wardrobe first! The top tucked into the shorts makes the look automatically a lot trendier, you don't always have to go to any extremes or buy any extra accessories to make an outfit look trendier. For me, I am able to spend a lot of money on clothes because I love them, but when it comes to fashion, I have no clue, my friends all tell me they love what I usually wear, but I just put on whatever I find really. If anyone wanted tips on how to do this, you've just got to be able to see an item you really, really like and are willing to spend a lot on, just mix and match, its what I do."

Ellie Howarth;
what teenagers think of fashion 003

In this picture, Ellie is wearing black high-waisted shorts – like Jade, a plain, pink tee-shirt tucked into the shorts, and a black cardigan. The high-waisted shorts are really fashionable for this season, but for her also, it's going to be hard b eing able to pull off wearing high-waisted shorts in winter/autumn 2008.

Ellie says;

"I like this outfit; my favourite colours are pink and black, so putting them together is a good idea to be honest. The high-waisted shorts are really fashionable for this summer and spring; I like the combination of the colours because it really looks good on me. If I was to tell anyone what I shop for and how I find what I'm looking for, I'd tell them that I usually look in one shop that I like a lot, reasonably cheap and so you're able to buy plenty of items all at once. I tend to get a whole outfit that is being advertised on a manikin, because I know that the designer will usually make different items to match. All you need is a very open mind and know a shop well enough to know what's in it and what type of clothing suits you."

Rachel Caulfield;

what teenagers think of fashion 004
In this picture, Rachel is wearing black skinny jeans, a long, white dress top and a long, grey cardigan. The outfit Rachel is wearing is very individual because she chooses to set her own style and wear outfits that don't apply to any fashion trend going on at that season.

Rachel says;

"I like my individuality, I don't tend to follow fashion trends, and I just like the unusual. I recommend others shopping like I do, because not only does it cost less, but it is a lot easier, all I do is wander through a shop and end up with a few odd bits and pieces, I do this again and again, and then eventually get a really good outfit that I would wear anywhere."

Amy Bryant;
what teenagers think of fashion 005

In this picture, Amy is wearing black skinny jeans, a tee-shirt with a design on, and a black cardigan, not at all in the high street fashion, yet very fashionable in the ‘indie' side to dress sense.

Amy says;

"The way I dress is very important to me, it is who I am. I like to be unique and wear clothes that not many others have seen or have worn before. Starting new trends is really good, because I love having items of clothing that no one else has seen before, but I don't like people copying me, as soon as someone has the same things as me, I usually don't really like to wear it again, so where I go shopping usually means finding somewhere small and individual. If someone else were to do the same as me, I wouldn't really mind, just as long as they didn't copy my dress sense. All you would have to do would be to find a small place that only you know about and start off wearing them without other people wearing them too."

Sonthree Ulakanathan;
what teenagers think of fashion 006

In this picture, Sonthree is wearing a striped ra-ra skirt with a black drape top. She wore this to a posh dinner party, and is something that used to really be in fashion, but no longer is.

Sonthree says;

"The clothes I wear are very simple colours, I like a lot of plain items, and I'm not that bothered about fashion, but I like my own style. If I find an item in a shop that I like and I think would suit me I'll buy it. The way I shop is different to most other people; because I usually buy a few outfits and mix match them around to wear throughout that season. It's a good way to save money, because then, I can buy more clothes more the next season."

By Bethany Hart

Thanks to;
Amy bryant, Son three Ulakanathan, Ellie Howarth, Rachel Caulfield, shinade Southerland and Jade Carlotta-Jones.

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