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What your wardrobe shouldn’t be without


The Essentials

Ballet Pumps: Flat, chic and utterly timeless these wonderful things are the perfect everyday shoe.  Keep the colour simple and no matter how worn they are they'll still look fabulous. Amy Winehouse likes hers so much, she continues to wear them when covered in blood or talking at the toe.

Baby-doll dress: Able to be worn in any season, the ‘baby doll' dress is a fail safe item which instantly gives you that added bit of femininity. Wear a cropped jean or leather jacket on top and your ready to hit the town.

Leather Jacket: Over sized or tight fitting, the leather jacket is a piece which can go with basically any item of clothing in your wardrobe and still give you the laid back girl approach. Invest in a good quality jacket and its sure to last a life time and work wonders every ti me.

Cashmere: Either cardigan or jumper, an item of cashmere is the item which will make you feel warm and cuddly, to both yourself and to many others. Worn either in the winter with slippers around the fire or in the summer evenings when dusk falls.

Good pair of heels: Stilettos, kitten heels or wedges. Any sort of heel which gives you a little extra height is guaranteed to make you feel that bit more glamorous. As well making all men go weak at the knees. Perfect.

Skinny jeans: For any occasion, day or night. Simple as.

Clutch bag: Preferably on the large side, the ultimate night out bag. It can be t ucked under your arm or held in one hand all at the same time as keeping all your girlie stuff safe. Add an extra bit of glam by making sure it has a beautiful clasp which will give the clutch a timeless feel.

Headband: A thin headband which can be used to scrape back your fringe or placed delicately on top for image purposes only, the headband is an item which quickly gives a boost of interest to a day to day hair style. A quilted headband gives you the classic Audrey Hepburn approach whilst a sparkly or gem headband allows you to play princess for the day.

Thin cotton T-Shirt: Preferably baggy or a size larger than your standard size, a cotton T-shirt is an easy to throw on item which always looks great as well as comfortable. Make sure the neck line is the most flattering for your particular shape and you can't go wrong.

Denim shorts: Cute in the summer with bare legs or worn w ith opaque tights in the winter. Denim shorts are unbelievably comfy and can be worn at any length, I say the shorter the better but just above the knee are great in the evenings. As long as they look slightly worn, either way you can't go wrong.

Waist Belt: Worn with either a T-shirt or dress, the belt can instantly transform an outfit and show off your figure perfectly. Move it up so it's just under your chest or keep it at the waist. Dita Von Tease style.

Mascara: The item every girl must carry around in their handbag. A few coats of mascara, whether it be subtle or obviously done makes you feel more awake and ready to flutter those eyelashes like there's no tomorrow.

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