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What every MAN should have in his wardrobe…



‘Man'digan: Otherwise known as a cardigan for men. This is a more casual alternative to the v-neck jumper if worn over a shirt, or the perfect companion to wear over a t-shirt. It can be worn casually or formally though, never, ever, let the cardigan match the garment underneath it. E.g. white cardigan and white t-shirt will just make you appear to be an ice cube.

V-neck T-shirt: A nice cotton t-shirt can never go wrong, make sure it's not too thin and therefore see-through; thread count counts! Keep away from large brand logos otherwise you'll appear to be a walking sandwich board.

Winter coat: The winter coat all depends on your build, those of a shorter size stick to coats  finishing at the hips or just below. Those who are taller are a little luckier you can get away with most styles. If its leather then think Fight club rather than the Matrix's.

Trainer pumps: An everyday shoe which is far from a Reebok classic white trainer, instead more resembling old gym shoes, but still following the general rule of white, grey or black. Along the lines of converse.

Suit: If there's only one suit in your wardrobe then you should be able to wear to all
 occasions, wedding or funeral. The best idea would to get one tailored and therefore fits you perfectly and saves you the embarrassment of appearing to have borrowed your dad's suit. Also please stay away from 3 buttons, at all costs.

V-neck jumper:
Plain, preferably cashmere, a V-neck jumper can be worn over a shirt for work or by themselves at a more casual affair. The v shouldn't be exceeding down to your navel however.

Denim jeans: Whether it's the classic 501 Levis or the skinny Cheap Mondays they should be your best friend. Able to be worn at any occasion and at any time, stick to a colour of blue and you'll be set. You should only have paint splatters if you're a painter, carpenter jeans if you're a carpenter and high waisted jeans if you're Simon Cowell.

Hoodie: A fail safe option guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish. Keep it reasonably plain, and falling to just below your hips. Make sure it's not too baggy otherwise you're just appearing smothered and that's hardly manly!

Smart shoes: Smart shoes = Smart man. Opt for a slightly rounded toe but still pointy, think classic brogues of either brown or black. Have a walk around the shop and keep your ears open, if you can hear the clicking of your heel then take them off immediately, only tap shoes should tap.

Polo shirt: Be aware of the thread count and texture of the polo and you can't go wrong. Keep it simple, stick to a brand such as Fred Perry with a small logo on the top right hand corner, and keep the collar down.

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