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Profile 3 The New Hot House for Tomorrow’s Design Gurus


In part this is thanks to the 11,000 database of UK buyers kindly supplied by John Pearce of Fashion Profile. Ironically the article regarding Julien McDonalds exodus to Milan supports why the Profile event has enjoyed prolific growth in just three seasons.

It is a unique event that combines the glamour and fun of a true fashion gala. Over 60 designers will be showcasing amazing collections that have been carefully screened by the retail sponsors. The event then combinates into a ultimate competition whereby the winner of the menswear event Well Fit -spnosored by Designer at Debenhams, Profile ladieswear -sponsored by House of Fraser and Necessary Accessory – Army and Navy will be announed. The winner of each category then receives retail space at each spnosors flag ship store.

An aftershow party then commences and a celebration of true fashion then takes place! For further details please see the press release

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