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FashionCapital Testimonials


Many thanks for your feedback, your comments really make a difference. Email the editor with any comments you would like to share!

“It has taken some time to get the site up to date with the previous information and at first I had doubts that you were going to have a site as good as the last one. Hats off to you! It seems to be getting better and better on a daily basis.I particular like the news section on the top of the home page and the general layout.” Andrea Byerley 16th June 2004

“At last a website that provides what I need. I am a new start-up designer and this site tells me where to get manufacturers from, how to work with them, how to go about making appointments with buyers….it’s great!” Robert Stuart 17th June 2004

“This site is going to be the biggest on-line web for the industry. Particularly like the boutique. I am not ready with my collection yet but I soon will be.” Amanda Huntley 5th June 2004

“I have been looking for a manufacturer who makes handbags for designers for about 2 years. But with help from one of your information officers and a bit of networking, I have found a suitable craftsman who makes small runs for designers. I hope to have a small collection very soon. Thank you very much FashionCapital.” Norma Hopkins

“Thank you for the FashionCapital Update. It has been a real source of support and information over the past year and I look forward to even more in 2004. Thanks again.”
– Camille Carter  Image Divine January

“I recently came across your site while searching the internet for fashion resources. Although I’m a U.S. resident, I found your site to be very informative and packed with resources. I registered as a member and look forward to the newsletter. After reading many of the articles, I found that as a US designer I have many of the frustrations and obstacles experienced by the designers in London – they are lucky to have you as a resource!” – Patricia Joseph

“My online profile looks so great! Indeed I already had a couple of people asking me about my jewellery after they looked at my website. I can see that registering as a member with Fashion Capital has been such a brilliant thing to do”. – Natalia McKintosh, Jewellery Designer

“As Fashion Capital has been supportive to us when we launched in October, we wanted to let you know that things are going fantastic for us. Its nearly 4 months since we launched and it looks like we’ll have achieved plenty of sales sales in this time frame. A big thank you from us for all the support FashionCapital has given us.”
– Baukjen de Swaan Arons, Isabella Oliver Maternity Wear

“Just starting out, and have been spurred on by finding your fantastic site – Thank you!”
– Berry Darcy

“Comments where can I start? I’m not even there yet! But, I had a idea then I met a fantastic person in Jenny who was kind and believed in me and my idea enough to share her knowledge and to keep me posted with more than everything that I need in my regular fashion capitial newsletter. If I who is only at the beginning of my career in fashion finds this newsletter priceless how much more so everyone else out there should have it!!! Thank you to the team for all your hard and well appreciated work.” -Belinda Lee- Jones Sol Del Rio Brazilian Bikini’s and sports wear.

“FashionCapital just keeps getting better and better. I view the site regularly and as a direct result I have opened three new accounts  plus I am waiting to hear from a major High Street retailer. It’s just what small businesses need.”
– Mushtaq Hussain, Diamond Clothing manufacturers

“Just to say thanks for the great info that you keep mailing – very much appreciated and very informative. A pleasure to read. Keep up the good work!!”
– Kerri Williams

“I would just like to say thank you to the FashionCapital organisation. Since contacting FashionCapital I have made leaps and bounds in my project. I found it very difficult to meet friendly and helpful people in the fashion industry, FashionCapital has been a breath of fresh air, the information that I have gained from your website and sitting down and talking to Jenny Holloway and her colleagues has been vital. I have found a new confidence in my ideas and hopeful within the next few months and will have my first sample range.” – Paul Bell, 29th August 2003

“Keep up the good work, I look foward to receiving the newsletter each issue. It is SO informative. You should be proud of it as it is a fantastic tool.” – Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, Ethnic Minority Enterprise Project, 29th August 2003

“I hope that more and more companies across the textiles and clothing sector are discovering this fantastic online resource” – Alistair Burroughs, MD Tristan Webber, 27th August 2003

“I have registered with FashionCapital and have been going through the website and all the other links on it. I have just started up my own business, and whilst it’s all very exciting, it is also a very big challenge as there is so much I don’t know about starting up, about the industry and well, everything. I think FashionCapital is a wonderful website – it addresses a lot of pertinent issues and there is so much helpful information on there… Anyone who is contemplating starting up in the fashion industry should be studying the LFF website and checking into FashionCapital regularly.” – Lynn Mollison, Mollisons International Corporation, July 2003

“I would like to congratulate you all for the fabulous and highly useful – should I say INDISPENSABLE – web site! Well done, and thank you very much for your professional support! Many thanks and keep up the excellent work! p.s.: I have spent nearly two hours exploring your site, and I am sure I still have to find out more precious info!”– Paola De Giovanni, 16 June 2003

“I registered on your website, it’s b***dy marvellous! I’m downloading all the fact sheets for study.” – Tim Volney, Designer, 12 June 2003

“Congratulations to Fashion Capital for a brilliant site.” – Martino G.A Cartella, Director, Bergamo Services (UK) Limited, 10 June 2003

“We think the FashionCapital website is excellent and provides vast information for our industry.” – Anita Massarella, Director, Anita Massarella Design Couture, 28 May 2003

“A quick thank you to Jenny [Holloway, FashionCapital project manager] and the LFF team for taking us through the pro’s and con’s of direct selling and enabling us to evaluate what we could do to expand our sales. An hour’s meeting was worth more than a year of suffering and testing.” – Meagan Tudge, 27 May 2003

“Thank you so much – that is very useful info indeed!”
– Kirsten Gross, 27 May 2003

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Fashion Capital and the London Fashion Forum for the fantastic service you provide, and the help you have given me. These websites are an invaluable tool for which I’m sure thousands of people are extremely grateful! Thanks again.” – Kelly Bowerbank, 14 May 2003

“Thanks to all the staff at both the London Fashion Forum and Fashion Capital. I have only been registered with you for a matter of weeks and have picked up two leads, I am sure it is only a matter of time before we pick up an order from such a lead. Keep up the good work.”
– Gordon @ Rollino, 12 May 2003

“Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to the London Fashion Forum! For Sexie Booda Necessary Accessory has been a really worthwhile experience. It has given gave us great opportunities to meet face to face with buyers, take orders and really get to know our market. Designing can be quite isolating so it was nice to be around other designers… in a very supportive environment, catching up and swapping stories!”
– Leigh Odimah, 9 May 2003

“Just wanted to say this site is great! I love it; it is really useful and keep it up!” – Alessia Matuozzo, 22 April 2003

“Thank you for providing a website with much needed valuable information. It has proved to be a fantastic help for myself whilst I am setting up my own business.” – Kelly Bowerbank, April 2003

“I think it’s a fantastic idea to have regional competitions and then a final London contest for new designers. It was a fantastic event the first time! So please, yes, make it happen through London Forum, I believe.” – Jemima Yogan, 11 March 2003 (in response to newswire on FashionCapital)

“Brilliant informative e-mailing – too much to take in at once. Congratulations to the team at FashionCapital.”
– Fred Kirkland, North East Textile Network, March 2003

“Congratulations in starting this website. I think it is a great idea and hopefully it will become the bolthole for the industry. I strongly believe that the more we communicate within the industry, the more likely we are to succeed.”
– Christina Levy, trends guru, 28 February 2003

From the Profile launch event, organised by the London Fashion Forum, 20 February 2003

“Well done and thank you for including Hommebody in such a great event, you guys did an amazing job of raising the profile of all the designers involved in both the exhibition and the catwalk show. To actually see our collection on the catwalk for the first time modelled by such amazing models was really fantastic.”
– Beverly Calvert, Designer, Hommebody

“It’s important not to underestimate the scale of the UK fashion industry, with a quarter of a million people working in clothing and textiles. I welcome this initiative by the London Fashion Forum, supported by the London Development Agency. FashionCapital has the potential to be a vital e-networking tool, providing essential support and information, generating new business opportunities and driving the growth of a flourishing industry.”
– Stephen Timms, e-Commerce and Textiles Minister

“Just a note of thanks for yesterday, you and your team worked very hard on a very professionally presented event. It was a tremendous opportunity for everyone to get exposure and I am particularly grateful for what it has done for us, especially being so new. I’ll contact you soon about the web, once again many many thanks.”
– Vanessa Howard, Designer, The Eye of Time

“We were swamped at 5 o-clock – it was professional, the staff were helpful and the facilities were lovely.”
– Tanya R, Designer

“Thanks to you and your team a fantastic event – I was so pleased with the mentions that EMEP and the Sew-east programme received. I look forward to being involved in the next event.”
– Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, Project Manager, Ethnic Minority Enterprise Project – Trade Sponsors

“Thank you for your work at Profile, it’s been really positive for me. The work you did was fantastic and the catalogue was really good.”
– Sabine Fouchier, Designer

“Just to say a big thank you for the show. I was very impressed with the high standard of organisation, presentation and designs, the models and routine were just outstanding.”
– Paulo da Cunha, Designer

“Well done to the LFF. Very professional day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Abdul Rahim, Managing Director, Platinum Ltd

“I really enjoyed the event and was very pleased to see such a high standard of talented designers. The catwalk was really well put together and I was only sorry I could not stay for the party. I made some very useful contacts and thought the fashion portal was very interesting and I’m sure will be of great benefit to the industry.”
– Kris Barber

“I just wanted to write and thank you for all the hard work you put in to organising yesterdays Profile event. It went so well, and looked really professional, from the stands to all the details of the fashion shows. I met a couple of interesting buyers, so we’ll see what happens. Many thanks again.”
– Charlotte Rolls, Designer

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