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UCE Delivery Day



I am genuinely sorry I can not be there in person for today’s Delivery Day but you are in excellent hands with Amy Roberts and our talented guest speakers for today Kiki and Leigh. Kiki has some excellent previous experience from Gap and also H&M whilst Leigh, part of the dynamic duo at McOdi, can give you an overview of the ups and downs of having your own label. Many thanks to both for sparing their time to give the presentations today.


The Surrey Delivery Day took place yesterday and over 25 students have given us some excellent positive feedback of the day. We hope you all enjoy todays’ presentations.


Delivery Day is a fantastic new initiative that enables you to access what it is really like in our clothing and textile industry. Fashion is a wonderful vibrant industry and looks exceptionally glamorous.  It certainly can be however there are “the warts an’ all” to consider.


Delivery Day has been derived to give you an indication of the reality of business life in the sector. We bring guest speakers who will share the ups and downs of business life. How they have made the transition from a highly protected educational environment to the open pampas of the clothing world.


This is for you to learn and gain as much information as you can before you join the industry in whatever capacity you believe is right for you.


For your information however I was a designate buyer for Littlewoods, a selector at Marks and Spencer for six years and a senior buyer for Principles for Women for two years. I then had my own label for nine years supplying the high street from Makro and Littlewoods to John Lewis and Alders plus my own retail unit for nine years too. There were great highs here but also the lows too. To keep sales buoyant during flat periods in my shop I had a regular market slot (God love Bromley North Market!), I regularly ran home parties complete with the wine flowing and nibbles and did sales events at old peoples homes and local schools. Remember money is money at the end of the day and cash flow is King. 

Opportunities are out there and with every opportunity lies challenges. Every challenge has a solution but you do need commitment and belief, friends, dedication and a real sense of humour helps too.


Amy is wonderful. She will guide you through the day but if you ever want to contact me directly either go through the community section based on www.fashioncapital.co.uk or if you need call me on 020 8462 1475 (membership fees to LFF do apply however but it is only L30 plus VAT for the year).




Jenny Holloway
Project Manager
London Fashion Forum







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