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Fashion Capital Boutique How to set up a Boutique


Fashion Capital Boutique – How to set up a Boutique

It costs just £117.50 per year, and you can list up to 32 garments. You can change the garments as often as you like. Fashion Capital helps you meet and sell to potential customers; Fashion Capital is not responsible for selling items, or for dealing with returns, refunds or exchanges.

Transactions are made through PayPal, and you will need to have a PayPal Business Account set up which is easy to do. For each transaction, PayPal will charge you 2.7% of the transaction and 20 pence.

How do I get started?

Firstly, you will need to have a profile set up. Once this is done you can edit your profile and begin creating your boutique.

Enter Edit Your Profile

At the top you will see What Next, click on this and choose Edit Boutique Contact Details. This takes you to –

Boutique 1: Contact

Fill in the fields, and press Send Edits when completed. At any time you have the option to preview your boutique by pressing Preview Now.

Again click What Next, and select Edit Boutique Store Details. This takes you to –
Boutique 2: Store

Fill in the fields. You will be asked if products are on an external website – your website. Only tick this if you’re planning to sell from your own website, and planning to take payment through this site.

You will then be able to upload your Boutique Logo which will be the link into your boutique. This must be 300 pixels high by 300 wide.
Next load your Boutique Banner on , this should be 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.
Now you can upload your Boutique main image, which should be 214 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

Go back up to What Next and choose Edit Boutique Product Details.
Boutique 3: Products

You need to set product options such as colour and size information, and other product options that you require. Then set up your products, entering your product codes and descriptions. You have the opportunity to set up 32 products, although you don’t need to set up this many if you don’t want to. Remember to insert product images which need to be 100w x 150h for the small image and 480w x 360h for the large image.

Choose Edit Boutique Delivery Details, which will take you to-

Boutique 4: Delivery

Delivery Notes should include lead time information.

Choose Edit Boutique Subscription Details, which will take you to –

Boutique 5 : PayPal and Boutique Subscription

Here you can link in straight to PayPal, and set up your business account. You can now tick the box to enable your Boutique. Fashion Capital should enable their end within 24 hours, and you will be live.
Please send a cheque for £117.50  to –

London Fashion Forum – Fashion Forum House – 28 Station Approach – Hayes – Kent – BR2 7EH
Please write the name of your company and ‘online boutique’ on the back of your cheque.



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