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Texprint 2004


Today was the last chance to grab a sneak peak of Texprint’s picks for the best new textiles designers from British colleges.  According to their website, ‘Texprint is a non-profit making registered charity, whose aim is to link the best newly graduated textile designers with industry.’

The programme is an exercise in excellence,” said Texprint’s Public Relations and Sponsorship Coordinator Christian Dewar-Durie. “Annually it offers to the industry carefully selected new sources of design and designers.”


Texprint starts with around two hundred of the top textile designers. “The graduates who may be of any nationality, are initially submitted for interview by their UK colleges and then selected competitively through rigorous judging,” said Dewar-Durie. “There are several applicants for every place.”


The pool is then narrowed to 24 finalists who compete for sponsored prizes. The prizes are given in five categories, which are weave, knit, print, colour, and breaking new ground.


“Applicants are judged on the standard of their creative work and their training – which must be excellent – and on their ability to make full use of the opportunity offered,” said Dewar-Durie.


The winners of the awards are Bonnie Kirkwood (weave), Clare Tough (knit), Yujin Jung (print), Vivian Bruges Von Pfuel (color), and Marc Paterson (breaking new ground). All of the winners received £700.





Jung, who graduated form the Royal College of Art (MA) and Central St. Martins College of Art and Design (BA), said her collection was inspired by her childhood dreams of a circus. Originally from South Korea, Jung had never seen a circus until she arrived in London six years ago.


“The first time I had the chance to see the circus I was quite amazed,” Jung said. The clowns were all in grand costumes that were just amazing.  Lots of different things inspired me, but the circus was my starting point.”


Jung’s collection includes frills inspired by the clowns outfits and handmade sequins.


She also has fabric depicting clowns in performing in unusual locations, such as a garden.  Why do clowns have to perform under a dome?” Jung asked.  Why can’t they perform in the garden?”



Jung said she was so shocked when she won that she cried. I was so happy and nervous and shaking. I can’t explain it in words. I will never forget about that moment in my life,” she said. I nearly fainted.”

Texprint’s main exhibition will be in Paris September 21st-24th.

Dacia Abel

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