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Fiona Wylie Artist/Illustrator


Fiona Wylie




Every Artist, designer and illustrator has their own identity, others stand out more than others and Fiona Wylie stands high.


Her unique style is simply captivating.  Her forward-thinking aesthetic has brought her international recognition.


Fiona Wylie was born in Oxford, 1977, she graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University and holds a degree in Graphic Art and Design, specialising in illustration.


Her style has been constantly developing since she was able to hold a pencil.  Do you remember the original BBC Heart beat with Tony Heart; by the age of 12 she was producing three animations per series.


Her images represent simplicity at its best.  She is able to portray the most mundane activity and elevate them to a sublime level.  Her work has a romantic even erotic feel to them.  They hold a strong representation of the hippie era of the 1970s, funky bright and a bit strange.


Fiona’s strong compositions and careful use of colours combined with simple and exciting imagery has ensured that this talented illustrator is very much in demand across a broad spectrum of the media industry.


Her recent clients have included the following


Also she was chosen to design Joe and Paul spring summer 04 advertisements.



Fiona’s work fuses extremely well with fashion.  Her work is used on designer fashion show flyers and on garments.  Spring Summer 05 will see a great surge of graphic prints being used to accompany garments. 




Vanessa Camelia

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