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Original Colour Trends Autumn/Winter 05/06



Ice cold and pale colours create a cool wintry atmosphere.  They appear to capture light particles, shimmery shades – illuminating contrasting surfaces – either frosted blooms, scattering light, simple glazes or reflective transparancies.

Dark Grey in many different shades add shadow and contrast.


Mysterious shadowy darks, brings with it an air of subtle elegance.  These dark colours blur in and out of focus, along with metalic sparkle add to that lustrous tints.


Burnt yellows and browns create rich autumnal landscape.  Contemporary crafts inspire many surface textures, from the fluffy surfaces of angora to the density of felt – creates a modern rustic feel.

Strong satuated colours are mixed together, blended with unexpected contrasts of bright colours for an eccentric yet sophisticated mood.  Blending unusual and surprising accentuated colours such as bubblegum pink, teals and turquoise work well together creating a wild, soft and sharp combinations.

Vanessa Camelia

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