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Kiki’s Diary


Welcome to the first LFF Boutique diary entry…


Hi everyone my name is Kiki – I was ecstatic when I was offered the job at the LFF boutique at Kingly Court, who wouldn’t be?!  Running an exclusive and upmarket boutique at the prestigious Kingly Court retail experience, I have the responsibility to make the boutique work and I am happy to say it is flying.


It’s hard work running a boutique.  You have to ensure that it is at its ultimate best.  We are blessed with a double frontage window area and we have six mannequins that Jenny drives me mad about!  I merchandise them weekly and they always have to be totally colour co-ordinated, accessorised – the works!


We have approx 23 designers at any one time and we rotate the collection to ensure that the boutique always looks new, exciting, fresh and most of all inviting!


So what’s been happening this week?


The sun has been shining, and tourists have flocked in their hundreds to buy beautiful and unique pieces.  A big well done from Michelle from ‘Mertle and George’ as you have been our best seller for this week so far!


Journalists have had an overdose of the boutique in the last couple of weeks!  Cosmopolitan took some photos of model browsing, and of myself serving (how embarrassing) these images will be in the October issue so make sure you cheek it out.


Last night Kingly Court held a natmags party, and it was packed full of press, stylists and fashionistas sipping champagne cocktails, listening to the unconventional dancing string quartet, and checking out the boutiques, but obviously not interested in buying as they had been handed a goodie bag on arrival!


Over 350 press arrived and I have to say we worked wonders with the Profile invitations and the press release for Creative London.  Everyone had an invitation and the Creative London release was well and truly distributed.


We have more sunshine predicted for the weekend, so we can only hope it will make more tourists come out and spend, spend, spend!


Speak to you all next week


Yours Truly



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