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Kiki’s Diary



We’ve once again had an influx of tourists this week, the locals must have all fled the country to get some CONSISTENT sunshine! Vicky from ‘Tarbucktizard’, our newest designer has been the favourite with these customers, your silk tops are a dream.  So well done Vicky!


The boutique has also been popular with stylists this week. Natalie (a regular) from Sunday magazine – News of the World, selected garments from a range of designers including Nadia Ivanova and Charlotte Keating. Natasha Bedingfield’s stylist (another regular!) borrowed garments for a shoot in ‘In Style’ magazine and a shoot in Ibiza for a publication called ‘Neo 2’. Woo hoo!


My favourite part of the week has been receiving a second email from Fearne Cotton. She’s so cool and friendly, she really loves the boutique and will definitely be popping in again soon!


In case you’re wondering how on earth Fearne and I have come to be emailing, I will fill you in!

On 21st July Fearne was filmed in the boutique for ‘The Misty Show’.  Fearne purchased a skirt from JPK and a bracelet from KIKI (me!), she then wore both pieces on ‘Top Of The Pops’ that followed ‘The Misty Show’. Tonnes of boutique and boutique designer exposure both for LFF and Kingly Court.  It was fantastic!!!


So Fearne was bowled over by the boutique and to my surprise I found out that she emailed me the following Monday! I just have to say a special thankyou to Kate who works with Nadia Minkoff as this would never have happened if she hadn’t recommended the boutique to the BBC.


This weekend we only have Saturday for those keen shoppers that want to buy something beautiful and unique, as its PROFILE on Sunday and Monday! Profile is steaming ahead this year – the show is going to be fantastic.  Good luck to everybody that is taking part.


Speak to you next week.


Yours truly


Kiki x

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