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Designer: Shaun Gordon


My name is Shaun Gordon. I recently graduated from London college of Fashion, BA (hon) Fashion Design and Technology (Menswear).

 My latest collection was based on the American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and taking the extract of the writing (‘My mask of sanity is about to slip’) and then doing research on what I thought would be be visually insane, which I thought would be Jackson Pollock because his work is and looks uncontrollable. From looking at the movements of the paintings I created paper sculptures in which I brought forward into my garments. This was how the Form, Shapes, and Silhouette was created.The collection is consist of leather, felts, tailoring fabrics, wool,  jersey and cottons.








My aim was to design menswear on the level where it can make what he has in his wardrobe more interesting because we have the street/urbanwear, formal wear, casual – but i wanted to take it to another level which could fuse itself with the customer wardrobe. I would like to think that my collection or work could blend and be worn on any level the client desire whether he is into urban wear or formal, yet with a strong creative but wearable identity.


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