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Mood board – True Inspiration is Only a Click Away


Paola di Giovanni

Over two years ago Paola di Giovanni came to the London Fashion Forum and we were totally amazed at the high calibre of her work, namely, beautifully created and inspired mood boards. The mood boards truly reflect the Italian style that is so ingrained in Paola’s work.

Paola came to England in 1996 and was a fashion student at Salford University studying BA Design Studies. After obtaining a 2.1 hons Paola further perfected her education by undertaking a MA in Fashion Studies at The London College of Fashion. Following Paola’s graduation in 2002 Paola has been working for Laura Ashley in textile print archive section and recently as a free lance curator at the Judith Clark Gallery.

Paola commented: “I have always loved colour and the vivid hues of the total colour spectrum. When I was a child I was always surrounded by fabric, colours and prints as my mother was a well respected dress maker and so I guess design really is in my genes. When ever I had any free time I would always be working with textures, fabrics, colours etc and I have been sketching from the year dot.

“I have recently branched out into consultancy work for the creation of mood boards so if I can help anyone with presentations etc then please let me know through the London Fashion Forum on 020 8462 1475. I really hope you find the boards on display an inspiration to you. I don’t work by seasons I work on colours that synergistically look right together. Everyone I work with draws inspiration from different forms. These boards are just here to help you along your path of design.”

Please take note that these will all be featured in our trend section.

(All mood boards by Paola di Giovanni)


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