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Channel 4 on the Look Out for Fashion Businesses


Channel 4 are looking for people who are starting new businesses for the second series of Risking It All.

The first series of Risking It All aired on Channel 4 this Spring receiving fantastic reviews and viewing figures of over 3 million.

One of the most successful stories was that of Mark and Maria Harvey.

When 40-year-old businessman Mark Harvey took redundancy from his £60,000 job, he decided to step off the corporate ladder and set up a chain of women’s fashion stores with his wife Maria. At a time when one in three fashion shops were going bust the Harveys risked everything in an industry they knew nothing about.


They put their life savings on the line with no idea when – or even if – they’d ever see any of their money again. They had no experience in fashion industry. They had never worked together let alone run a business. They risked money, life and love on making Harvey’s a successful high street fashion store.


After the broadcast of the programme they successfully opened their second shop and are now considering a third.



If this sounds like you or someone you know, this is your chance to be featured in Channel 4’s Risking it all series 2.


Here are the criteria for the programme:


Are you about to change your life and start your own business?

Are you embarking on a business you have little or no experience in?

Are you putting your house and your family’s security on the line?

Will you be up and running by 2005?

If you’re on the cusp of starting a new fashion business with one or more business partners

and you would like the unprecedented exposure that the Harveys experienced then we

are interested in speaking to you, please apply immediately.



Email: riskingitall@ricochet.co.uk

Or fill in our online questionnaire:


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