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Kiki’s diary


Hi Everybody,


On Sat 2nd October the boutique was filmed for ‘Visit Britain’ which is shown on sky. The date of it going on air will be coming soon so I’ll update you when I know, try to keep yourselves occupied whilst waiting in anticipation!


Our best seller this week has been Eva Thyghoj from ‘Toohoi’ a big Well Done goes out to you. The customers are totally loving your Aut/Win collection! It’s not just one particular item, in general it’s proven to be really popular.



Other designers that deserve a big Well Done are Monique & Margaret from ‘Hatz’. They introduced some matching wraps to their Aut/Win hat collection and they’ve certainly attracted the attention of the shoppers round here!


The current trend which is currently being ‘DONE TO DEATH’ as I see it so much is, ‘The Poncho’ and ‘Cowboy Boots’ (not necessarily worn together but still just as irritating!) Can’t wait for it to be far too cold to just cover shoulders and top half of arms!





So the designers and myself are discussing our next event to be held at the Boutique, watch this space as you’ll soon be filled in as to which night to come along to for some mulled wine and mince pies! (yukk crimbo talk how depressing!) Oh, and of course to shop!


Until next week folks!


Yours truly


Kiki x                           

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