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Expert advice – How to perfect a window display


Windows Of Opportunity


The Basics of Window Display




It has been estimated that the average person in the street spends less than eleven seconds considering a window.  And as the window is the eyes to the sole of your store slopping display techniques can turn away a customer, the window must therefore talk to the consumer on what kind of shop you are.


This is the one area that Independent retailers can compete equally with multiple chains, you do not need a lot of money on props for a good effective sales window, but with the basics in place you can turn heads and cash tills.



The window above is a prime example of sloppy display:



  1. Windows must be cleaned before a display is implemented, inside and outside.


  1. Do not use home made signs, by ready made ones from Morplan, they look cheap and make your shop look like a bargain pound store.


  1. Iron all garments and pin neatly, only put a size and style of item if you have enough stock to back it up on the shop floor, use uneven number of models: 3, 5, it just makes the window look more balanced, and play around with the positioning, you don’t have to have them all face on, if you put prices in the window make sure they are correct.


  1. Lighting, adjust this after you have finished the window, change bulbs when they have blown.


  1. Go away and re-look at the window, you can become too engrossed and not see the wood for the trees.


  1. Finally remember less is more! Do not clutter a window by putting as much in as possible.



Paula Arkell M. A Retail Consultant

Paula Arkell M.A
Retail Consultant

To provide visual merchandising, training & Consulting Services to Independent retailers to maximise sales
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