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Kiki’s diary





Hi Everyone,



The boutique has once again been popular with stylists this week.  A top that was borrowed in the summer from High Voltage was actually brought back finally, and then the stylist actually decided to buy it!  The top will be worn on an ITV show called ‘Rock around the block’.  It will be on in March 2005.  Well done Marta! (Designer of High Voltage).


One of our regular stylists paid a visit and borrowed some garments from ‘Mertle and George’ and also from KIKI (me!).  If they are used, they will feature in ‘OK’ magazine.  Terri Seymour, Simon Cowells girlfriend will be wearing them!




mertle and George



Another stylist borrowed a few items from designers including ‘Toohoi, JPK and Nadia Ivanova’.  If these are used, they will feature in a New York magazine called ‘Renaissance Man’, well done ladies!











Nadia Ivanova


I’ve had a sneaky preview of the article about the boutique that is going into the ‘Londoner’ Apart from the two unnecessary photos of me, it looks great! ‘Ruthi Orlin, Emma Gordon, Mertle and George and KIKI are the designers that specially feature within the article.




Emma Gordon


The boutique will be welcoming yet another new designer this weekend.  Minna Hepburn from ‘ SE1’ will be showcasing, so come and check out her fabulous collection!


Until next week


Yours truly




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