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Hi Everyone,


The latest edition of designer in the boutique ‘SE1’ has been sooooo successful! I have never seen garments fly out of the boutique so quickly! the collection came in on Friday lunchtime, and by Friday evening Minna Hepburn the designer behind the great collection had to replenish her rail! So to say the least, ‘Se1’ has by far been the bestseller this week! Come and check out the collection before it completely runs out!




This week’s celebrity to check out our beautiful wares, was Louise Weiner from the group ‘Sleeper’. She loved what she saw, and said she’d definately be back!  


Our regular stylist fan that works for Sunday magazine paid us a visit this week. She took tonnes of stuff, for two shoots so lets hope she uses lots of it! ‘Ana Sekularac’, ‘Hatz’, ‘Mertle and George’, and ‘SE1’, were just a few that she picked! Well done everybody!


‘Visit London’ are holding an open exhibition in collaboration with ‘World Market Travel’ from the 8th-11th November at The London Pavilion. The Pr company that works for Carnaby Street and Kingly Court will have a stand promoting the two. They have borrowed garments only from our boutique to dress their models in! It will be like a fake photoshoot set up so should look pretty cool! So should you be around on those dates, check it out! And if you can’t bare just looking at the stuff on models-drop into the boutique and buy!


Until next week,


Yours truly


Kiki x

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