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The World’s Finest Tailor


By having true join up with the on-site training provided by Andrew at Maurice Sedwell with the London Apparel Resource Centre (LARC) a format and system can be developed and strengthened for the good of the industry.


David Jones, the Director  and Chair of London Fashion Forum and LARC, will shortly be visiting Andrew to see how true synergy can be achieved by combining the excellence of Maurice Sedwell with the facilities and students of Larc.




Savile Row is the apotheosis of taste, elegance and style. For more than 200 years, the world’s most skilful tailors have been drawn to the “Street of a Thousand Needles”, cutting and crafting the finest suits for generations of elegant dressers.



Established in 1938, Maurice Sedwell went on to win the Gold medal for tailoring from the Tailor and Cutter Academy in 1957. Thereafter it was a natural progression to Savile Row and in 1963 the company moved to No 9. Then, as now, there was no flashiness, just unremitting quality, style and elegance. Today this reputation is as solid as ever; politicians, captains of industry and international business people from all over the world make their way to Maurice Sedwell with the knowledge and comfort that they will be dressed to perfection.


This commitment to the ideals of exacting workmanship coupled with customer service resulted in our referral to, and subsequent membership of, The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Maurice Sedwell became the first Savile Row tailor to receive the Guild’s accolade for Quality & Service and their Armorial Bearing for Skill & Integrity. In 1994 Maurice Sedwell expanded into elegant new premises at No 19, in response to the increasing demand for their exclusive services.

To quote Andrew

..sewing and stitching for centuries past, whatever we tailor is built to last..

..to the finest detail we adhere..


Maurice Sedwell is justifiably proud of its hard-earned reputation for excellent client care. This precise, all-round service and meticulous attention to detail is what endears Maurice Sedwell to their clients, many of whom return time and time again. Whenever Andrew meets a new customer it is never just a simple business transaction – it is a consultation. They need to know all about their potential customer – their personality, lifestyle and career – characteristics that must be reflected in the suit.







{mosimage}The customer has the unique opportunity to create exactly the suit they require. From the choice of cloth through to such details as the number and positioning of pockets and the shape of lapel, the customer has the freedom to design the suit which will meet his or her needs. This responsiveness to the client’s requirements coupled with the benefit of our experience produces optimum results. For Andrew, there is a big distinction between “good” and “perfect”.


 This one-to-one personal care, allied to dedicated craftsmanship, is the rock upon which the Maurice Sedwell reputation was built and is still the hallmark of the company today.

..all in all we leave nothing to chance,
our main objective your image to enhance..

Andrew M E Ramroop
Managing Director







It is said sometimes that are born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

But for this young man it could have been, with a needle and thimble in his fingers.


Madan Andrew Edward Ramroop was born on 10th November 1952 in a small village under the foothills of the Northern Range of mountains, called Maingot Village, in Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies.


While other boys were seeking Further education at College, Andrew was asked by his tutor at school how he sees his future career, he excitedly replied that he would much rather become a tailor than go on to Hillview college, the preferred choice of his parents.


At a time when academic attainment was paramount to the development of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, a desire to take up vocational training in tailoring was quite a bold decision for the then 13 year old.

There were no sewing influences in the family or indeed anywhere nearby to engage his passion for sewing.

Following much discussion amongst family members and amid parental protest Andrew was determined to seek an apprenticeship, learning the demanding and intricate skills required of a bespoke tailor. His apprenticeship was not a major challenge. He absorbed the skills with ease through dedication, commitment and determination and compares learning tailoring as a young boy to that of ‘teaching a new language to a child – it comes easy’.

Having heard that the finest tailors in the world can be found in Savile Row, Andrew’s dream was further stimulated. At aged 17 he boarded the luxury liner Northern Star and sailed for England. Nine days later he arrived in Southampton not knowing anyone or where he was heading.

At this stage it should be noted that the furthest Andrew had traveled was the few miles from his home village to Port of Spain as an apprentice tailor.

Andrew’s skills immediately became apparent when, Huntsman & Sons, the once renowned firm of Savile Row tailors engaged him.

As part of his personal development Andrew studied for ‘O’ levels in English literature, English language, Mathematics and French.

In 1972 the youthful Andrew Ramroop sought a Certificate in tailoring and after giving serious consideration to The Tailor & Cutter Academy he opted for the more comprehensive course at the London College of Fashion (LCOF), completing the three-year course in just two years and gaining a Certificate of Distinction.

Andrew was seconded to Mr. Maurice Sedwell as an assistant cutter in 1974.

In both 1976 and 1977 Andrew’s Hand Craft tailoring skills resulted in him becoming a finalist in the Federation of Merchant Tailors National Competition in the category of Gentlemen’s lounge suits, competing against long established tailors throughout the United Kingdom.

He had returned to the London College of Fashion (LCOF) in 1976 as a part-time tutor in Gentlemen’s Pattern cutting, Fitting and Tailoring; a position he held for twelve years.

Due to his growing responsibility at Maurice Sedwell Ltd. he retired from teaching in 1988 to concentrate in turning the small tailor shop into the strong company it is today.

His company, Maurice Sedwell ltd., now exports 52% of its bespoke suits outside the UK and has tailored suits for a clientele in more than 50 countries.

Andrew continued to work closely with LCOF and recently was invited to the lecture theatre to reply to The London Institute’s film ‘Women in Tailoring’. He frequently gave briefings to groups of final year students before they went out to their first jobs in the industry.

His reputation in the field of bespoke tailoring came to the attention of the BBC and when the BBC documentary of his professional life was being filmed, some of the footage was at the LCOF, Oxford Circus. Also, one of his recent contributions was to participate as a Judge at the Golden Shears Finalists tailoring competition.

Apart from his busy schedule Andrew has dedicated some of his time to other aspects of the trade. For the past four years he has been President of the Master Craftsmen’s Association and Retail Export Group, the body that looks after the interest of all bespoke services in London’s West End.

As President of the MCA Andrew Ramroop has placed on the agenda a discussion on forging a link with the LCOF, endeavoring to get the MCA to guarantee work placement amongst its member companies to young tailoring students. The latest initiative is for the MCA to open it’s own school of tailoring which is to be a center for learning the skills required as a bespoke tailor.

Andrew has also identified a need for 14 to 16 year-old pupils at school to seek a career in bespoke tailoring thereby preparing youngsters for a full course in tailoring upon attaining the age of 16.

Andrew is also working in the background in seeking the views of professionals in the bespoke tailoring industry to offer their skills on a day release basis to the College. Whereby tailors and cutters actually attend teaching sessions at the LCOF.

Andrew is also working closely with TIDCO, with a view to develop a tailoring course for aspiring tailors in Trinidad and Tobago. Endeavoring to reach a standard that will make tailors of the island attain the level of skills required to compete and attract clients from abroad, particularly in North America. Further development in training youths is planned in South Africa with his first trip in January 2005.

In July 2001 The World Congress of Master Tailors met to exhibit in Paris their skills in design, hand cutting and handcraft tailoring; Andrew Ramroop represented the United Kingdom. He again represented the UK in Treviso, Italy in 2003.

On May 24th 2001 Andrew Ramroop was conferred with the honorary title Professor by the London Institute for ‘Distinction in the Field of Tailoring’ – a first in the history of his craft trade. In October 2004, at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, Andrew Ramroop was again re-conferred Professor by the newly formed University of the Arts London.

As part of Black History month celebrations in October 2003, Prof. Andrew Ramroop was the focus in a series of programmes entitles ‘Conversations With’ conducted by Professor Dr. Christopher Breward at the London Institute.

Last year Andrew Ramroop received the prestigious Black Enterprise Award – International Businessman of the Year, at the Institute of Directors. He also received the Men of Merit award from the Enterprise Partnership Network, he was also officially honored by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for Distinction in his chosen career.

Andrew was also guest speaker at the first Inspirational Breakfast, at the Café Royal, organised by the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners Association.

Media coverage has covered his profile in the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago to name a few. He has also been featured in both LIAT and Concord in-flight magazines.

CNN aired a three-minute news item of his 50th. birthday fashion show/party in New York and presented him with a 10 minute film of the event. 

The African American department of Harvard University offers the Professor Andrew Ramroop annual prize to the most outstanding individual who has contributed to the faculty.

Andrew is married to fellow Trinidadian, Omatee, who is the Team Leader at Marylebone/Westminster P.C.T. Sure Start programme: They have one son David, a Cambridge University and London School of Economics graduate and one daughter, Marsha, a BBC broadcast journalist.

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