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Expert Advice – how to perfect a window display


Windows of Opportunity

Christmas Window Displays



A Christmas window comes but once a year bringing spending customers, bumper profits & good cheer



This is the pinnacle of the display year, and it’s the most outstanding opportunity for attraction by colour and composition

It is also the hardest to display successfully because you must compete not only with fashion stores but with every other retailer on the high street.


To create a fantastic Christmas window that can compete with the multiples you need to convey:




Display The Theme ‘Christmas’


Many displays that succeed in attracting the public to the window fail in the main task of selling, due to the absence of sound, selling a story or theme, a confused customer will not make a purchase. 

The majority of Christmas shoppers have little time & plenty of choice so to capture that sale the window must convey its message quickly.

Only by concentrating on a clever theme and thereby making the window a three dimensional, forceful, sales appealing advertisement, can an impact be made on the consumer to spend and to ‘keep the tills ringing’.







Top Tips:




  1. Choose one theme and stick to it.


  1. Do not clutter a window – its confusing.


  1. There is no price on creativity – utilize what you already have.


  1. Do check your lights – everyday.


  1. Do not stick signs to the window with tape.


  1. Look at all the retailers on the High Street not just the fashion stores.


  1. Check that any foam sprays/paint is used in a well ventilated area and wear a carbon filter mask at all times.


  1. Do not overload electric power sockets.


  1. If the light sockets states only 40 watts don’t use 60!


  1. Remember to have fun, and Merry Christmas!




Paula Arkell M.A Retail Consultant



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