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Fashion in Japan

















Men Casual – Camouflage pants and Navy Coat

Men Casual – Quilted Coat and Wool Hat

Men Young – Checked Coat with wool lining

Women Accessories – Fur Neck Collar

Women Accessories – Knee-highs stockings outside the laced-up boots

Women Accessories – mixed leather and metallic bag’s handles

Women Accessories – Light woven shawl

Women Casual – Wide-opened pullover with processed jeans inside the boots

Women Casual – Tweed Pleated Mini-Skirt

Women Casual – Navy Coat, Mini-skirt, Coach bag, long beige suede and diamonds boots

Women Casual Shoes – shiny socks outside bikers boots

Women Casual Shoes – Knee highs outside long boots

Women Casual Shoes – shiny socks worn outside boots

Women Trendy –

Women Young –

Women Young –

Women Young –

Women Young
















Trends, Trends, Trends.  Are you looking for trends! cheek out this site.  It is packed full of information regarding the latest fashion trends in Japan. 

Japan is a world leader in fashion trends!  They are there before anyone else.

www.fashioninjapan.com is a “trendy” site, pardon the pun, which allows you to view hundreds of Japanese trends all available for free.

So who are they and what do they stand for?  Loic Bizel, is the managing director of the company and also the photographer for shoes and bags.  Ishio is the photographer for clothing.  Yuko is in charge of the accounting and marketing. Jim is incharge of the technical realisation of the site.

The team compose of two Japanese companies, one Irish and one French.  They have all been involved in the fashion business for many years.

Fashioninjapan is a web site aimed at providing information on Japanese fashion trends in order for manufacturers, buyers, stylists, marketing departments and line-builders to gain first hand information, without having to come to Japan.

More and more trends are now starting from Japan.  Therfore as Japanese fashion is so advance it enables countries like te UK to use these trends and predict what we will be wearing.

The site aims to give you access to more than 600 monthly updated images of what is happening now in Japan.  At the same time it will enable you to have a better understanding of the Japanese market evolution, as well as providing information on general marketing and about the consumption, the distribution and the retail market.

This information is not to be missed, you do however need to be a member to access the information.  You will receive monthly updates which will give you a permanent view of the Japanese fashion market.


Vanessa Camelia

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