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Kiki’s diary


Hi Everyone,


I just want to let you know about something that happened last week after I submitted my diary entry (typical!) -you might find it interesting!


A guy spotted the beautiful LFF Boutique, and requested permission to do abit of filming! “Tell me more”! I said. It would be for a two hour documentary for Channel Four (woo-hoo we can actually watch this one!) called ‘New Commandments’.


The description sounded abit political, so he may as well have been talking in Belgian to me! He wanted to film an actress making a fake (how rude!) HUGE purchase, in order to promote (I’m assuming!) the commandment ‘Spend within your means’ . I had to pretend to serve the actress, and put a fake credit card through the machine (that wasn’t even plugged in!) then put it down in such a way that it could be zoomed into! Ooh I do believe I deserve an oscar!

So the great thing is the Boutique will be on Channel Four on the 26th February 2005, at 7-9pm!




I have to say I’m really happy this all happened the day after our HUGE turnout for the Boutique birthday bash-NOT! Guess how I was feeling (lets not even talk about how I was looking!) that day?!


This week, we have had a flood of tourists spending their holiday cash on crimbo pressies for their loved ones! Or maybe their selfishly spending on themselves who knows! We don’t mind. who could blame them anyway! Have you checked out our fantastic ranges lately?! Be sure not to miss our newest Scottish designer ‘Stateek’. The collection consists of hand printed and screen printed scarves, bags and cuffs. The collection is only in for one more week so make sure you don’t miss out! I sold two of her bags the first day she came in! Well done!


The best seller this week is SE1, Well done Minna! You just can’t beat quality at an affordable price! Lynne Bannon is also selling really well, our chairman David Jones even bought a pair of cufflinks from her collection yesterday!


In the last month or so the boutique has been visited by quite a few intenational publications, in order to write articles enticing people to check out Kingly Court.

These are just a few:

‘Le Soir Magazine’ (French speaking women’s weekly), ‘Femmes d’ Aujourd’hui’ (French speaking women’s weekly), ‘Het Niewsblad’ (National Flemish daily), ‘Metro’ (National bilingual daily), ‘Genieten’ (up market lifestyle/wellness magazine), ‘Grenz Echo’ (only German speaking daily, in Belgium), ‘Le Soir’ (National French speaking daily), ‘Voici Magazine’ (where celebrities shop in London), ‘Azul Magazine’ (Lifestyle magazine for members of the banking world).


Only two weekends to go until Christmas, good luck with all your shopping! If your’e stuck for ideas you know where to come!


Until next week,


Yours truly,


Kiki x


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