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Kiki’s diary


Hi Everyone,


The Boutique and Carnaby Street has been really busy this week with eager christmas shoppers! Going out to buy lunch is proving to be as time consuming, and as irritating as a telesales person trying to sell you insurance right in the middle of Eastenders! 


This week the Boutique has been popular amongst stylists!

The stylist that works for ‘Sunday Magazine’ (‘News of the World’ supplement) is doing a shoot that involves metallic wear.


 She borrowed one of ‘Nadia MInkoff’s’ fantastic metallic blue bags, two fun pieces of jewellery from ‘Ruthi Orlin’, and a couple of metallic hairbands from ‘KIK’I! Cool! I’ll let you know if the are definately used, and if so which Sunday to look out for them!


Another stylist borrowed a leather jacket from ‘Koru’, and a tunic from ‘Sossumi’. If they are used, Sara Cox will be wearing them as she is promoting her launch back into radio.


This is your last chance to come and check out the current Scottish designers’ collections. They are leaving the boutique this weekend, SO COME QUICK!


Well done ‘Nadia Minkoff’ you are this weeks bestseller! The ladies are loving your cute purses!


I would like to give a warm welcome the LFF Boutique’s newest weekend employee Anna Watt, Good Luck!


Oh My God! This time next week it will be Christmas Eve, yuk! Sorry bit of a closet scrooge! Get yourselves down here to make your last minute purchases for your loved ones! Oh, and for sexy, beautiful New Years Eve outfits!


Until next week,


Yours Truly,


Kiki x

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