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Kiki’s Diary



Hi Everyone,


So did you see my 10 seconds of fame on tv last Sat?! Hee hee!


Have you been in to check out the three new collections that came in this week? If not, why?! One of them is Scottish Textile designer ‘Mayamay’ who’s collection comprises of beautiful embelished tops, bags, belts and cuffs. Practically an entire outfit! The second designer is ‘Actar Actar’, whose beautiful jersey separates are just begging to be bought! ‘Craven Gene’ is the third designer. If you fancy a sexy tailored suit I promise you won’t be disappointed!


This week both ‘JPK’ and ‘Toohoi’ are the bestsellers. Well done ladies!


A stylist that works for a Latvian magazine ‘Pastaiga’ borrowed from ‘JPK’, ‘Nadia Ivanova’, ‘Laurence Fava’, ‘Teresa Seow’, ‘SE1’, ‘Anuk Harvey’, ‘Tarbucktizard’, and ‘Afira’. Its a glossy Fashion magazine, and the shoot will represent trendy London clothing! All the pieces were shot and all the designers will receive copies of the photos! Woo hoo!




Until next week,


Yours truly,


Kiki x

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