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Minna Hepburn – SE1 London diary




Finally the weather is improving and it looks like spring is here at last.  Sales have definitely improved at my shop and customers are actually buying rather than telling me that they will come back once the weather has improved.  Despite my improvised sales tactics such as pointing out to customers that silk camisoles look fabulous with chunky knits, the weather has always been too cold.   The arrival of our credit card terminal has also excited our customers and improved sales.  Nothing beats the plastic “buy now, worry later” mentality! It also encourages good old impulse buys. I am sure we all have the results of some of those lurking in our wardrobes…..


Our wrap dresses have definitely been the best seller this week and new prints are on the way. But the wrap dresses are not the only thing that the customers are demanding. I have had to bring all the summer samples to the shop for buyers meetings. It looks like one of our summer dresses in blue satin already has a list of customers who have placed their orders even though the dress is not arriving until May!!! And I thought the Hermes Birkin Bag and Chloe Paddington Bag were the only hot items with a waiting list!!!!!!!!



I am not the only one excited about our improved sales but my baby as well, who should be with us in another 6 weeks.  I am sure she (yes it’s a girl) will be joining the SE1 design team at some point in the future, but now it’s not the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a result of this, after Profile 5 I have been forced to take it easy. I have had to say goodbye to my collection of high heels and dig out my comfy UGG boots (which are so winter 2003, but they are sooooo comfortable so please forgive me…). My poor husband Michael has been chauffeuring me around London as I should not be running around anymore. Relaxing is easier said than done, however, when you are running your own business. At the moment I am still trying to figure out how to ease my workload and chill out more but still get things done.


My office has now indefinitely been moved to the bedroom department where I have been doing most work calling boutiques, organising meetings and finishing our Autumn/Winter collection. I am trying to add a few knits to my next collection and that is proving to be a quite a task, especially when the knits would be manufactured in good old Vietnam and yarns exported from Eastern Europe. So until next week, enjoy the weather….while it lasts!!

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