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Kiki’s Diary


Hi Everyone,


Hurry in to check out the new African influenced collection by ‘Anisa’. It’s fantastic, and I say hurry, cos I sold something in the first couple of hours of her collection coming in!




This weeks bestsellers are ‘JPK’ and ‘Tarbucktizard’, well done ladies!


The Boutique has had a mention in French ‘Cosmopolitan’ Woo hoo! (Not so Woo hoo, as the content is almost completely wrong, but ho hum, wer’e still in it!).



Another French publication called ‘Le Vif Express Weekend’ has written about the Boutique, and mentioned ‘Julie Berube’ and ‘Ruthi Orlin’! Lucky you!


‘Anisa’ our new designer is also a stylist (great we love them!). She brought in a client ‘Jem Cooke’, who will be shooting her very first music video this weekend, for her single ‘My favourite Vice’ (out this summer). If you would like to look her up log onto www.jemcooke.com . Just remember where you heard about her first!

So lots of garments have been borrowed from designers for her to wear in her video, including; ‘JPK’, ‘SE1’, ‘Nadia Ivanova’, ‘Actar Actar’, and ‘Anisa’. Make sure you look out for them!


One of our regular stylists borrowed garments from; ‘SE1’, ‘Anuk Harvey’, ‘Julie Berube’, ‘Toohoi’, ‘Tarbucktizard’ and ‘Craven Gene’. They were borrowed for a programme called ‘Rules of Attraction’. It will be on in the first week of May on BBC1 around 8pm. The stylist himself will be presenting it, as well as styling. Should be cool, I’ll let you know the exact dates, times and who’s garments were used as soon as I know.


Until next week,


Yours truly,


Kiki x

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