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Cropped trousers




Cropped trousers with that layered look.


The cropped trouser trend has been up and down over the past couple of seasons, a little like the British weather – never-the-less they are threatening a major comeback for Spring/Summer 2005 as well as Autumn/Winter 2005/2006.


Although cropped trousers have constantly been supported by our very fashionable Celebrities, convincing us that they are ‘wearable’!  â€˜Us’ the public seem to be somewhat slow in grasping this forthcoming trend!


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that cropped trousers just aren’t that appealing to many or conjure up horrid images of the school playground?  It is true that they can seem very unflattering if not worn with the right shoes or top, let alone having the figure to support them.  Cropped trousers can not simply be thrown together this is not the case – Balance is key! A wining combination certainly comes from balance, the secret lies in the layering of proportions.


To ignore the ‘Cropped trousers trend’ this season would be a crime in itself.  Don’t miss out on this Summers’ hottest trend! What…..!! Even hotter than an African Print dress or a shrunken jacket? Oh yes!!


People, please do not come up with any excuses along the lines of ‘I could not find any around’  They are absolutely everywhere from George at Asda to Florence and Fred at Tesco along with a whole host of retail outlets.


Just look at the way in which Marni conveyed her Spring/Summer 05 collection -conveying a mouth watering array of cropped pants in a combination of lengths and colours to a desired effect.  This trend is so strong it is being carried through to Autumn/Winter 2005/2006!!   


Take a look at the delights of Marni’s S/S 05 collection….





 Marni S/S 05 – Vogue.com

 Marni A/W 05/06 – Vogue.com



Chloe showcased a beautiful collection of cropped pants with a Turkish influence very full and gathered – beautiful!  Julien MacDonald too chose to follow through suit and sport the theme.  MacDonald chose to taper them in just above the knee very 1920’s.


Chloe A/W 05/06 – Vogue.com


Julien MacDonald A/W 05/06 – Vogue.com


Staying with this season Spring/Summer 05, cropped trousers can be worn dressed up or pared down from casual to formal.  They can be worn with a Safari jacket, https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/content/view/1732/80/

teamed with a white shirt a waistcoat or a smock. If you’re looking for a more refined look them pare it with a tailored jacket.  Regarding footwear a pair of sexy high wedges looks fantastic with cropped trousers – if however you like your feet firmly on the ground then go for a pair of African-inspired flip-flops. Enjoy!!!!




Vanessa Camelia

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