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How to perfect a window display


‘Windows of Opportunity’


Spring Collections


‘QUALITY – it’s not cheaper things that we want to posses, but expensive things that cost a lot less’



Spring has finally sprung, the clocks have gone forward the weathers warmer & we are all starting to think of summer…… at least that’s what the advertising men will have you believe.  The high street retailers on the other hand are already slashing their prices on spring stock; there is definitely a whiff of desperation out there.


But as an independent you do not have to fall into this downward spiral that the high street has succumb to, you are more flexible on promotions & themed windows and can react a lot quicker than the bigger shops.


As with any themed window you have to be clear about the composition and what you want your window to say:


What does spring mean to you?





Spring is also the start of the holiday season and warmer weather and customers are starting to think about ditching the heavier winter clothing for lighter items and softer spring colours and textures.


This all helps to create the themed spring window as I have mentioned in previous articles composition & clear layout is paramount.


I have talked about:





Now you need to think about the marketing & picture images you want in your window to support the products you are promoting.
























Paula Arkell M.A Retail Consultant


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