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The London Fashion Forum spots rare talent: Rebel Dogg!


The LFF currently has over 8,500 members and occasionally we meet truly outstanding designers that just “have it!”  This can certainly be said about Paulina and Alex Deutsch, the designers behind women’s accessory label Rebel Dogg.  The duo has blown the Forum away with their innovative products, and sheer dedication to their label.





Rebel Dogg was formed in 2003, with a simple concept in mind: “make stuff that we like”, “show it off to each other – and see if anyone else agrees…” This core ethic has since proved to be the company’s success formula, whilst ensuring that work is never boring…




Rebel Dogg founders Paulina and Alex Deutsch have mixed creative and business backgrounds, this being a successful working partnership spanning more than 10 years and several industries.




Following a long career as a fine artist and in the performing arts as a singer and actress, Paulina studied 3D design at Chelsea College of Art, going on to study leather accessory construction at the London College of Fashion. A life long fashion-head and accessory junkie extraordinaire, Paulina has never failed to hit the mark with her instinctive outlook on fashion trends, borne out by her own mad personal style and interests. With her prolific and untamed talents Paulina’s exceptional personality blasts through into every design.




Alex, with a background in fashion photography and business management, also attended the London College of Fashion, but is otherwise self-taught. Collaborator, creative sounding board and muse to Paulina, Alex also sees his role as ensuring that none of the nasty business stuff ever gets in the way of Paulina’s creativity.




Rebel Dogg products have a wide appeal, the range currently focussed on women’s accessories, including bags, belts, cuffs, purses and neckpieces.

Customers buy into Rebel Dogg for a different, yet practical take on designer fashion products, injected with fun, originality and an overwhelming passion for fashion. A men’s range is due mid 2005.





With design studios based in Hoxton, in the heart of the East End of London’s traditional leather industry, Rebel Dogg are proud to be supporting local leather trade businesses and manufacturing resources.  For further information on Rebel Dogg visit www.rebeldogg.com, or contact Alex or Paulina via on 07976 755 003, or email alex@rebeldogg.com.


The LFF wish the dynamic duo all the success in the future that they so rightly deserve….watch this space!

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