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Toronto L’Oreal Fashion Week FW 2005 Trends




As part of Toronto’s recent fashion week, 30 designers unveiled their collections at the “100% Canadian Cool” event. Collections ranged from Saniya Khan’s wearable works of art to Paul Hardy’s glamorous fur gowns to Jessie May’s luxe lounge wear.  





As usual, black was the most prominent color on the runways synchronized with greys and whites; cool lilacs and peacock blues. For warmth, the most common colors were picked from gorgeous sunsets – crimsons, oranges and purply plums.


Tartans, plaids, herringbone and lumberjack prints emerged as a trend of several collections. David Dixon presented his Scottish inspired clothing complete with plaid corsets. Chulo Pony’s “Rich Girl Gone Plaid” collection featured high-collared jackets paired with skirts with red tartan godets.


One of the biggest, recurring fashions of the week was fur, faux fur and more fur! Nearly every show included some form of the furry fabric from cuffs to stoles to full-length coats. Pat McDonagh’s warm and sophisticated collection included faux fur in beige, brown, orange and all hues in between.  

For winter, trousers came in all lengths and styles, from jodpurs at Ula Zukowska to Beckerman’s velvet knickers – although cropped pants seemed most popular for the season and popped up over again.






Another noted trend was high necklines and neck scarves. At least a dozen designers showed various looks with either Victorian-style necklines on blouses and jackets, or cravats and long scarves wrapped and tied around necks.


Rachel Schwab


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