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We have been to see the Fashion Garden exhibition room this week. It’s a great spacious room that has been designed with the exact purpose of an exhibition, very bright and great layout. We are pleased that Fashion Garden can confirm the outlet number will be 2.4 (second floor, Kingly Court). As well as displaying the works of the six chosen designers we hope the room will look suited to the theme and have an ambience of a brightly coloured funky Indian Garden.


Last week we brought you information on the six exhibitors and this week we’ll tell you all about the twelve young creative designers hitting the Fashion Garden catwalk.





Elinor Franklin believes that fashion should flatter the female form and her designs and fabrics are hand finished, like works of art. Elinor creates garments to be treasured.




Maame Bareyh’s, bold and striking collection is modern and individual and the colours she uses in the collection are a representation of an autumn garden scene. 



Nirva, uses classic feminine shapes to flatter the female figure. With the use of the flower print her brightly coloured designs are perfect for a day or evening garden party.



Tiffany McColl’s couture designs represent the romantic, traditional evening wear worn in earlier periods. Her designs suit the theme through the tradition and romanticism created from the garden.




Carlotta Gherzi, who works under the label Sado, will display the collection representative of movement within the garden.



Designs by Faye Stenning, are fun and funky. With the use of the flower in girlie colours and fantastic textures, her designs are original and perfect for the ‘self customised’ look. 




Nina Nou, draws inspiration from digital art and the funky floral design. Her striking designs are displayed on t-shirts.





Amy Hall’s, original collection is representative of the traditional period courtyard wear. With the use of modern cuts and designs, the culmination of the two makes a fabulous work of art.


Seven girls from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth have joint forces and are working under the label Almost Certainly. Their street and playful look couldn’t be best seen worn in the top parks of London.



Fashion designer Samantha la Pierre, capsulate the original and organic materials available to men today. Her collection represents the diversity of male fashion today.




Heidi Mottram’s couture collection of eel skinned floral corsets and accessories represent the use of new and original materials available to fashion today. No eels are harmed their skin sheds naturally!




The bold, striking accessories by Susie Penfold use the traditional flower shape to create a fab accessory alternative to the expected! An innovative way of displaying accessories, her designs will be seen on the models..wait and see!



All information will be available to ticket holders in the ‘lookbook’ provided on the night for ticket holders. These are still available and purchase info on the website. So keep checking it out for updates and info on are eighteen fantastic designers



Well it’s actually 4 weeks to go and as well as getting very exciting, it’s also nerve racking and stressful, but it’s gonna be a great day and we hope that you will all be there.


Until next time,


Sarah and Hayley xxx

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